636 Nouns for  heart

636 Nouns for heart

As long as he lived, I meant to stick by him; but he was turned seventy, frail, with heart-disease, and, as I understand, quite likely to sink into general paralysis.

During this she strained herself and had a heart attack which was followed by a severe fever.

Shock, collapse, heart failure and sudden death following abnormal emotion, like an attack of rage, or the terrors of a railroad accident, or bad news, or excessive exertion like running a long race or climbing a high mountain when in poor general health, as the phrase goes, or in the terminal stages of infections like epidemic influenza or Asiatic cholera, have been put down to an acute insufficiency of the adrenal gland.

Alcohol can produce hazardous side effects, reduce heart rate, and drop blood pressure to a dangerous level.

In these balmy, dissolving days, when the deep heart-beats of Nature are felt thrilling rocks and trees and everything alike, common business and friends are happily forgotten, and even the natural honey-work of bees, and the care of birds for their young, and mothers for their children, seem slightly out of place.

It laserates my venerable heart-strings, most noble Pea-cracker, to see how you've been lickt.

Laroni died on 14 July 2019 in Mestre, at age 76, of problems from heart surgery.

said she, low-voiced, "all day long my heart hath been callingcalling to thee; so art come at lastthanks be to GodO

letters from similarly situated victims, was commented on in humorous editorials and served as a text for pulpit denunciations of the growing craze for wealth; and finally, at his dentist's, Ralph came across it in a Family Weekly, as one of the "Heart problems" propounded to subscribers, with a Gramophone, a Straight-front Corset and a Vanity-box among the prizes offered for its solution.

And thereafter, Beltane took to his bed and abode there many days because of his wounds and by reason of his so great sorrow and heart-break.

"Not just yet, Rege I must pay a visit to Mrs. O'Flannigan, then there is the hospital, and the dispensary, and I promised to concoct a bed for a poor fellow in the last stages of heart trouble.

There are also some causes which are not related to heart conditions.

All sorts of slurs and gossip were reported to him by busybodies, until it became a settled purpose with Boone to make the Sprague family feel heavy heart-burnings for the sum of the affronts he had endured.

The concentrated bitterness of the last words made John's heart ache.

His eyes are dimmed by cataracts and his breathing is labored and difficult because his heart muscle has lost its tone.

By far, the most popular appeared to be the fire, heart-eyes, and variants on the heart emoji.

Absolutely gorgeous and very beautiful, added third follower with a heart-eye emoji.

But those benefits have never been measurable, and fish-oil supplements that are marketed for heart health based on the same principles are not supported by any research that proves they lower risk for heart attack and stroke.

CHAPTER LXIII TELLETH SOMEWHAT OF THE WOES OF GILES O' THE BOW Six days and nights my Beltane kept his bed, seeing and speaking to no man; and it is like he would have died but for the fostering care of the good Friar Martin who came and went softly about him, who watched and tended and prayed over him long and silently but who, perceiving his heart-sickness, spake him not at all.

He felt his heart leap.

A 70-year-old woman in the city, who is a heart-transplant patient, said it is imperative that she live in a clean environment as dust could trigger allergies and affect her already-compromised health.

"Are you the next TV heart-throb?

Ain't you got everything your little heart desires?

Although hyperkalemia often doesn't cause symptoms, doctors worry about hyperkalemia because it can cause a sudden change of heart rhythm in people who had not been having any symptoms.

Their faces, as they wheeled sharply about and took in my shoeless and more or less dishevelled figure, told me with an eloquence which made my heart sink, the unfortunate impression which my presence made upon them.

"Know you then the Duchess, lady?" "Aye, forsooth, and my heart doth grieve for her, poor, sweet wretch, for O, 'tis a sad thing to be a duchess with a multitude of suitors a-wooing in season and out, vaunting graces she hath not, and blind to the virtues she doth possess.

But the Lord, who cannot rest while one is miserable, still goes secretly to them, for His heart yearns after them.

And now, clear and strong the tender radiance fell athwart the lonely habitation and her heart leapt at the sight, her eyes grew moist and tender and she hurried forward with flying steps, thenbeholding the ruin of thatch and wall, she stopped and stood aghast, gazing wide-eyed and with her heart numb in her bosom.

"Aha, sweet lord," cried the archer, "a man after my very heart art thou.

The second and third letters made it even plainer that the old heart valves ached for the young man's coming.

Jack looked down at the young face almost pathetic now with weariness, humility, and pain, yet very sweet, with that new shyness in the loving eyes, and, stooping suddenly, he kissed it, whispering in a tone that made the girl's heart flutter, "I'll tell you how you may return it 'with all your heart,' by and by.

And henceforth, when the shadow of the cross Will enter, clothed in moonlight, still and dark, The flower will nestle at its foot till day, Pale, drooping, heart-content.

He died of serious heart issues and multiple organ failure at 75.

Her fingers held the parcel tightly; what a hearts-ease it was!

It did my poor heart good.

Patients tend to have a short hospital stay on average, two days and experience improved heart function almost immediately.

I fear that some ministers do not knowand never will knowthe heart-hunger of the world.

Go,and be satisfyed of my eternal love ah, Gipsey,no, Gentlewoman, I am a tuff bit, and will hold you tugging till your heart ake.

or is it perhaps from some bewigged councillor with knee-buckles glinting in the firelight as he waits for the subtle heart-warming of an apple toddy?

No; but he's had a taste or whiff of something that has stopped the heart action.

Although Uncle Mano, being a heart patient, does not usually travel by bus, he deliberately took me by bus that morning so that I could get to know the route to New College.

This comfort yet: He shall not so escape Who causeth my disgrace, Nimphidius; Whom had I hereWell, for my true-hearts love I see she hates me.

"A natural born heart-breaker," he said to himself as he went toward the bunk-house, "a genuine, full-grown vampire, part intentional an' part because it's in herbut she's a pure-bred" He grew pensive and silent, a look of gentleness came to his face, followed quickly by an expression of extreme humility.

Their exterior is more imposing, their morals more austere, but inquire into their acts, and you will discover that their heart affairs always finish the same as those of women less refined.

Gushtásp beholds with heart elate.

His heart-wound had reopened; he was livid, all in disorder, with his long gray beard streaming down, while he stepped hither and thither without a pause, making all the surrounding grief his own.

A snowball hit the window before him, a soft crash and spread of drip, and there rose from the mob a fiendish yell that seemed itself a power, making the heart pound, dizzying the brain.

Through the heart-breaking of thousands the pyramids were built to commemorate a few.

the heart big, the heart full, the heart swelling, the heart beating, the heart pulsating, the heart throbbing, the heart thumping, the heart beating high, the heart melting, the heart overflowing, the heart bursting, the heart breaking; the heart goes out, a heart as big as all outdoors (sympathy) 897.

Bill Withers, the legendary performer who defined 1970s soul with hits like Ain’t No Sunshine and Lean on Me has died following heart complications, his family said in a statement.