8 Words to use with hermits

He lived upon limpets, hermit-crabs, and rain-water.

I dare not say, but I do know that the song of the hermit-thrush is but sounding brass compared with that.

" Then he went to the old hermit-monks in the caves of Kiev and on the island of Valaam, and bowed himself at the feet of all the archimandrites and metropolitans, saying: "Pray for us, holy fathers, and beseech the Lord God to turn away his wrath; because we haven't strength enough to defend you from this Napoleonder.

Joan was treated, according to her own expression in her letter to the English, "as a war-chief;" there were assigned to her a squire, a page, two heralds, a chaplain, Brother Pasquerel, of the order of the hermit-brotherhood of St. Augustin, varlets, and serving-folks.

"Entering the hut, the youth found a white-bearded hermit priest, who lived here alone and unknown to the outside world.

That assimilatory urge is present in every activity from coarse ingestion as food to the moral metabolism of the hermit-saint who would influence others to do as he.

'A pleasant day indeed for a sail,' and in imagination he followed the yacht down the lake, past its different castles, Castle Carra and Castle Burke and Church Island, the island on which MarbanMarban, the famous hermit poet, had lived.

" But Kundry had perceived the hermit-hut, And knew that she could serve in little things; And unto it she went to find some task.

8 Words to use with  hermits