10 Words to use with heroick

but when the heroick band Returns applauded to their native land, A life domestick you will then deplore, And sigh while I describe the various, shore.

We see how little the united experience of mankind hath been able to add to the heroick characters displayed by Homer, and how few incidents the fertile imagination of modern Italy has yet produced, which may not be found in the Iliad and Odyssey.

But this project being defeated by the heroick constancy of the queen of Hungary, whose wisdom and resolution, which will equal her name in future histories with those of the most successful conquerors, rejected their mediation, and refused to own her right doubtful, by submitting it to be tried; they were obliged no longer to dissemble their designs, or make farther pretences to respect or tenderness.

It was not long before I was observed by some of the Family in one of these heroick Fits, who thereupon received Impressions very much to my Disadvantage.

Preservers of my life, heroick friends, Be you my safety; keepe the souldyers off, Whilst in the midst by fayre and equall fight I send this Traytor to eternal night.

So he was fitter for that than for heroick history: he did well, when he turned his sword into a plough-share.'

"These measures are varied by many combinations, and sometimes by double endings, either with or without rhyme, as in the heroick measure.

In that heroick posture. Am.

Such was the heroick spirit of Drake, that he never suffered himself to be diverted from his designs by any difficulties, nor ever thought of relieving his exigencies, but at the expense of his enemies.

I then considered myself amply justified in resorting to that heroick treatment the felicity of which, as applied by the great Bentley to Milton, had long ago enlisted my admiration.

10 Words to use with  heroick