42 Words to use with hid

They made it hot for him, but still the Leader seemed to be doing pretty well for himself, when the old Ingalik (whom the Boy had sent a child to summon) hobbled up with a raw-hide whip, and laid it on with a practised hand, separating the combatants, kicking them impartially all round, and speaking injurious words.

Well, I am willing to go along with your silly little game of hide-and-go-seek.

" Then an atmosphere of horse-whip, interspersed with cow-hide boot, Wraps young Hiram Adoniram Andrew Jackson Shute.

He brought up linen for shirts, and new hide shoes for Inger.

Kazan slunk in the sand while his captor fastened the end of the hide rope to the stern of the canoe.

The men cover their heads with all sorts of burdens, and their feet with nothing, or else with raw-hide slippers, hair outside.

There are words in it of quite a different note words which complain to God that the good are not rewarded, and the wicked are not punished: as for instance, when the Psalmist says how the ungodly men of this evil world are filled with God's hid treasure, and how they have children at their desire, and leave the rest of their substance for their babes.

Kaviak, seeing the keen look menacing his treasure, lifted a shrunken yellow hand and clasped tight the dirty shapeless object suspended from a raw-hide necklace.

In the morning we began to climb the hill, getting along very well indeed, for our raw-hide moccasins were now dry and hard and fitted the foot perfectly.

Twenty-five years previous a New Yorker named Augustus Van Diemen, the brother of that Maria Jane Van Diemen now known to the world as Mrs. Stanley, had migrated to California, set up in the hide business, and married by stealth the daughter of a wealthy Mexican named Pedro Muñoz.

"HIRAM GREEN," said MARIAR, backin me up into a corner, "you old sinner, you, look at that senter table, all scratched up with heels of a pair of drunken cow-hide butes.

The only bridge over it is made of what may be called hide cables.

I'd pay him back aplenty for kickin' me outa his hide camp?

and Elerson came back, waving his deer-hide cap.

About their necks were moose-hide collars.

In the twinkling of an eye I was transformed into a beach-comber and hide-curer, but the novelty and the comparative independence of the life were not unpleasant.

The school is presumably situated in a narrow street running off the High Street of the district, the street where all the shopping is done; at the corner is a hide factory with an evil smell.

In each train there was generally one gorgeous equipagea cart painted blue, with a canvas cover, drawn by one large white ox in raw-hide harness.

Not until they were close had he quitted his hide-hole in the stream, where for the last time he had broken the scent for them.

In the early part of May I was called upon to take up my quarters for a few months at our hide-house at San Diego.

South of the St. Lawrence River, the peninsula of Gaspé was once a favorite range, but the moose were nearly killed off in the early '60's by hide-hunters.

I had not the strength to break the porpoise-hide laces, and the knots defied me.

Two raw-hide lariats were properly adjusted.

The priest had said nothing; but divining what Mac would be at, he helped him to undo the raw-hide lashing, and when Kaviak was withdrawn he wrapped one of the lighter fur things round him.

And surely it did be a great comfort to me to think that, because we to go upward and not downward, we be not like to fall over any hid cliff in the night; for I to have now some little knowing of the Slope, from mine outward journey; yet to remember upon that monstrous pit that I then to escape, and so to go with care.

42 Words to use with  hid