53 Words to use with honouring

Let us now take up God's honour list, and see who are entered upon it.

I hope in God that my beloved young lady has preserved her honour inviolate.

SAMUEL JOHNSON From THE VANITY OF HUMAN WISHES IN IMITATION OF THE TENTH SATIRE OF JUVENAL In full-blown dignity see Wolsey stand, Law in his voice, and fortune in his hand: To him the church, the realm, their powers consign; Through him the rays of regal bounty shine; Turned by his nod the stream of honour flows; His smile alone security bestows.

" "The drove can pe gang two, three, four miles very pratty weel indeed" said the cautious Highlander; "put what would his honour pe axing for the peasts pe the head, if she was to tak the park for twa or three days?"

I wish this to be understood, Joyce." "Do you, sir?It's just as your honour pleases.

My place with other honour-men was in the East Gallery.

In flowing wit, if verses writ with ease, If learning void of pedantry can please, If much good humour joined to solid sense, And mirth accompanied with innocence, Can give a poet a just right to fame, Then Corbet may immortal honour claim; For he these virtues had, and in his lines, Poetic and heroic spirit shines; Tho' bright yet solid, pleasant, but not rude, With wit and wisdom equally endued.

My name is bound to your benificence, Your hands have been to me like bounty's purse, Never shut up, yourself my foster nurse: Nothing can from your honour come, prove me so rude, But I'll accept, to shun ingratitude.

"Is this," said I, "the fruit of conscious guilt, or of the disgust that a man of honour conceives at guilt undeservedly imputed?" CHAPTER II.

"There are men," she murmured, "who love so much that even honour counts for little by the side of" "Of what?"

I had reckonedwas it wrong?on honour counting among those in high places of authority for more than it did.

In principle, and in the working as well, the old orders of chivalry or knighthood strongly commend themselves, for here there was, in principle, both the maintenance of high ideals of honour courtesy and noblesse oblige, and the rendering of chivalrous service.

30 Like to it selfe his eldest Sonne and Heire, Eternall, pure, and voide of sinfull blot, The firstling of his ioy, in whom no iot Of loves dislike or pride was to be found, Whom he therefore with equall honour crownd.

"My own honour," I continued, "in the honour dearer and nearer to me even than my own.

10 To Cattraeth's vale, in glittering row, Twice two hundred warriors go; Every warrior's manly neck Chains of regal honour deck, Wreath'd in many a golden link: From the golden cup they drink Nectar that the bees produce, Or the grape's ecstatic juice.

My own honour demands that I should return to my wife.

We're admitted in confidence, and with reliance The friends on our honour depend; We have given the pledge, then disgrace not the science, By stealing the heart from a friend.

Open the temple gates unto my Love, Open them wide that she may enter in, 205 And all the postes adorne as doth behove, And all the pillours deck with girlands trim, For to receyve this saynt with honour dew, That commeth in to you.

If thou dost give me honour, men shall see The honour doth belong to thee.

I am struck with the almost nugatory character of the five days' honour examination as applied to Senior Optimes, and I do not doubt that it is totally nugatory as applied to Junior Optimes.

A, B and C] honour faire.

The poet says he has "No kind romantic lover in his play To sigh and whine out passion, such as may Charm waiting-women with heroic chime, And still resolve to live and die in rhyme; Such as your ears with love and honour feast, And play at crambo for three hours at least, That fight and wooe in verse in the same breath, And make similitude and love in death.

Face to face, in the gaunt sun of early morning he saw ita little shack, half covered with snow, bleak and forbidding in its loneliness, yet all in all to the man who stared at it with eyes suddenly wistfulhis little old section house, where once the honour flag had flown.

70 What Theseus did, or Theban Hercules, Holds no compare with this victorious peace, Which on the Turks shall greater honour gain, Than all their giants and their monsters slain: Those are bold tales, in fabulous ages told; This glorious act the living do behold.

That wanton Fortune daily casts at those In whose true bosomes perfect honour growes.

53 Words to use with  honouring