53 Words to use with hope

Is there no redemption for us Gentiles in these ends of the earth, and is our hope presumption and impiety?

* * Memorize: Prayer is the dew of faith, Its raindrop, night and day, That guards its vital power from death When cherished hopes decay, And keeps it mid this changeful scene, A bright, perennial evergreen.

none would live past years again; Yet all hope pleasure in what yet remain;

We are not out of the wood, but hope dawns, as indeed it should for me, when I find myself so wonderfully served.

"She says it's the most romantic way to be married, and she means to throw her hope chest out of the window first and slide down a rope made of bedsheets.

" He shook his head as one who sees his last hope fade.

He received a vow from each to follow his Rule, for he was the support of the aged, the health-giver to the weak, the consoler of the afflicted, the hope-giver to the hopeless, the faith-giver to the doubting, the moderator and uniter of the young.

Hope haven, By Dirk Gringhuis.

Then he came to a sudden standstill as a wild, forlorn-hope kind of idea suddenly occurred to him.

SEE Last hope ranch.

No further seek his merits to disclose, Or draw his frailties from their dread abode, (There they alike in trembling hope repose)

In addition there is a band of hope society at the place, and it is better attended than any other similar association in Preston.

Hope springs eternal in the human breast: Man never is, but always to be blessed.

All virtuous spirits some such hope attends, Therefore the wise his days with pleasure ends.

She cast about to say something; her last words had been of hope deferredit would not do to take up her speech there . . .

But a scene of trial and excitementof prolonged agony and hope deferredlay before him, the extent of which it would have been difficult, if not impossible, for him then to have foreseen.

The first thing she did was to paint her eyelids, and put on her most attractive apparel, to appear as beautiful as possible, with the hope doubtless of attracting Jehu,as Cleopatra, after the death of Antony, sought to win Augustus.

well I know the hour when hope Sinks dead, and 'round us everywhere Hangs stifling darkness, and we grope With hands uplifted in despair.

And hereby he is put to essay that much slighted duty of holding fast the rejoicing of his hope firm unto the end, looking and longing for the grace that shall be brought unto him at the revelation of Jesus Christ, when he shall be presented without spot, and be made meet to be a partaker of the inheritance of the saints in light.

"For these" (says Montanus in her name) "are the venerable mysteries of our faith, our richest blessings, our fairest ornaments: in these all the reason of our hope flourishes, faith grows, charity burns.

But fate, remorseless, all my hopes withstood, And stained thy reeking hands in kindred blood.

again Night drowns me in its darkness and its gloom, And I must crouch amidst the wind and rain, Without one hope-gleam lightening my pain; All things are leagued to darken down my doom.

I am now better; and hope gratitude, as well as distress, can be a motive to remembrance.

That hope hath been discouraged; welcome light Dawns from the east, but dawns to disappear 125 And mock me with a sky that ripens not Into a steady morning: if my mind, Remembering the bold promise of the past, Would gladly grapple with some noble theme, Vain is her wish; where'er she turns she finds 130 Impediments from day to day renewed.

I can hear the waves dash,the hope-song of the child,and the breeze moving against the delicate sails!

53 Words to use with  hope