246 Words to use with hours

Beneath the dome of the wooden stud, Mrs. Shila Coblenz, of not too fulsome but the hour-glass proportions of two decades ago, smiled, her black eyes, ever so quick to dart, receding slightly as the cheeks lifted.

Are you to sulk, to withhold yourself from further exertion on the plea of a vocabulary-builder's eight-hour day?

(The One hour series)

An eight-hour law.

The hour hand moved quickly from space to space.

On the upper part of the Table were 8 reclining dials, glazed, and showing the hour in different waysas by the shade of the style falling upon the hour-lines, the hour-lines falling on the style, or without any shade of hour-lines or style, &c. Upon this piece or table stood also 4 globes, cut into planes, with geographical, astronomical, and astrological dials.

Having partaken of a frugal repast, and invigorated ourselves, each with about four hours sleep, the Brahmin thus resumed his story.

We may talk of "eight-hour shifts," but they are scarcely practicable.

The forty-eight hour week is the standard, although as yet some of the help work over that time.

WILLIAMS, JOHN M. Half-hour book.

To-night?" "Yes." "Then"a gaunt hand described a gesture of agitation"the hour strikes!

Richard Bennett (A); 25Jun73; R554269. BENNETT, ROWENA. Happy hour stories.

The two-hour periods, of which "mean" sunrise and sunset are severally the middle points, are respectively called the morning and evening zydau.

He congratulated himself on his ability to create such an authentic-sounding spell and for having the presence of mind to suggest the half-hour lead time he would need in order to escape from the castle.

And the moon, which comes and shines At Ramadan, beholds the hour approach Of sleep, and says farewell to all the world.

Within an hour work on the trenches was so far advanced that they could be deepened while standing in them.

This bowl was about three inches diameter, placed in the middle of another sphere, about six inches diameter, consisting of several iron rings or circles, representing the hour circles in the heavens.

there rings the half-hour bell till supper, and I am down here, and it is moonlight.

Gertrude Niesen torch hour song folio.

Setting aside as foreign to our discussion all consideration of the difficulties in passing and enforcing an Eight Hours Act, or in applying it to certain industries, the following economic objection is raised by opponents to the eight hours movement The larger aggregate of wages, which must be paid under an eight hours day, will increase the expanses of production in each industry.

The San Juan Islands are a three hour trip from Seattle, north out of Puget Sound, across the Strait of Juan De Fuca, and nearly to Vancouver Island in Canada.

At shortly before one Miss Hanna de Long, who renders ballads at one-hour intervals, rose from her table and companion in the obscure rear of the room, to finish the evening and her cycle with "Darling, Keep the Grate-Fire Burning," sung in a contralto calculated to file into no matter what din of midnight dining.

After this he went on prosperously, having a half hour lesson every fair morning.

When she had undressed she went again to her father's door and listened to his deep and regular breathing; then, at last, she went to bed; but the sense of loneliness was so intense that she lay awake for hours thinking of that bent figure walking in its sleep from the shadows of the ruined chapel.

When, therefore, this year a ten-hour bill was tried, W.C. Ritchie, who had secured the nullification of the act of 1893, again protested.

246 Words to use with  hours