54 Words to use with influences

CARNEGIE, DALE. How to win friends and influence people.

"] They have commonly great sway over the other slaves, their example is contagious, and their influence subversive of 'plantation discipline.'

"Whatever regard is due to the rational gratifications of which the most laborious life is not incapable, there is a moral influence attendant on horticultural pursuits, which may be supposed to render every friend of humanity desirous to promote them.

Other sides of his character might take hold of and influence boys here and there, but it was this thoroughness and undaunted courage which more than anything else won his way to the hearts of the great mass of those on whom he left his mark, and made them believe first in him, and then in his Master.

" At length, however, when, in 1811, Martha Savory had completed the thirtieth year of her life, she became deeply impressed by the conviction that she was wandering on the barren mountains of doubt and error; and through the renewed visitation of divine love, the light of the Sun of righteousness again shined into her heart, and its humbling influence brake the rock in pieces.

Their flight on rapture-breathing pinions winging, From heaven to earth their genial influence bringing.

Nor did his personal influence cease when they left his classes.

] Sheds o'er their secret vows his influence chaste, 360 And decks with roses the admiring waste.

Communism is one of those dreams that come so often to the best of mankind and, lingering on through the waking hours, influence conduct.

In the education of children The case of an unbelieving priest The case of one who fears to lose his influence Conformity not harmless nor unimportant CHAPTER

He wittily says that Young America is rampant, parental influence couchant; and no reversal of these positions is as yet visible in 1892.

Nor did his political influence decline after he had parted with power.

May thy divine influence descend abundantly upon all those who have hitherto turned their attention to infant children; may they feel great pleasure in doing good; may they receive thy grace and protection abundantly; and when their days of probation are ended, may they find a place in thy heavenly mansions, and there glorify thee throughout the boundless ages of eternity.

Our first birth is outside our choice and the gifts are unconditioned; our second birth, when again we become as little children, demands our response to the Holy Spirit and our persevering cooperation with Him to make His influence effectual for ourselves and for the "communion of saints" and the corporate religion into which the Spirit also baptizes us.

It was immediately vetoed by the President, on the ground that the Bank was an odious monopoly, with nearly a third of its stock held by foreigners, and not only odious, but dangerous as a money-power to bribe Congress and influence elections.

Long must his formative opinions and influence extend, and in the minds of all who think and reflect abiding must be the charm as well as the power of his imaginative, glowing thought.

Her hours were long, her diversions few, her voice quiet, her influence firm.

God is the only influence genius needs.

Perhaps, not for long, as the Queen's influence gains ground.

Thine influence hath bound me; Oh, if it be Thy will, Be evermore around me, Be present with me still!

So gentle as she was!the rein Of influence holding, to restrain His harsher power, without pretence, In graceful, gay beneficence An angel deem'd, her only care To comfort and to please!

Under German influence illiteracy will disappear from among them.

Readers of 'Appearance and reality' will remember how Mr. Bradley suffers from a difficulty identical with that to which Lotze and Royce fall a preyhow shall an influence influence?

By his influence instructions were sent to his representative in England, which were equivalent to soliciting a dynasty from the British government.

The two sets of influence interact on one another and intermingle.

54 Words to use with  influences
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