22 Words to use with inspection

No state shall, without the consent of the congress, lay any imposts or duties on imports or exports, except what may be absolutely necessary for executing its inspection laws; and the net produce of all duties and imposts, laid by any state on imports or exports, shall be for the use of the treasury of the United States; and all such laws shall be subject to the revision of the congress.

NATIONAL CASH REGISTER CO. Class 1000 register; mechanical description, price list, service helps, inspection charts.

David Dodge (A); 25Aug71; R511685. DODGE, HAROLD F. Sampling inspection tables; single and double sampling, by Harold F. Dodge & Harry G. Romig.

Being at inspection arms: 1. Order(Rightshoulder,port), 2. ARMS.

"I observe half a dozen people have gone in since we came in sight, and I fancy it is inspection day there.

MICHELON, LENO C. Industrial inspection methods.

California, she put a inspection tax of twenty-five dollars on every carload of stock enterin' her Stateor on one animal; didn't make no difference.

CHAPTER VIII THE LEBANON During the locust invasion my brother sent me on an inspection tour to investigate the ravages of the insect in Syria.

"So and so much for an inspection trip to Megilp and return.

At intervals there are junctions for service connections, with street boxes and covers serving as inspection chambers.


Erick had already asked twice what the baskets were needed for on an inspection march, but he had received no answer.

Inspection time and again showed everything clear, and it was not until late in the afternoon the cause of the trouble was discovered.

One day I suggested to an inspection officer that if the wheels were not greased the axles would be burned out.

The air space around the pipe in the concrete trough will convey for a long distance the whistling noise of a leak; and the inspectors, by listening at the inspection openings, will thus be enabled to rapidly trace their way almost to the exact spot where there is an escape.

Suspicion rested on them, as they had failed to take out inspection papers for moving the cattle, and what few people had seen them declared that one half the cattle were brand burnt or blotched beyond recognition.

In conclusion, I desire to thank those gentlemen at the head of the leading firms of sewing machine manufacturers for the trouble they have taken to arrange for your inspection specimens of their excellent systems, and I have much satisfaction in expressing my obligations to them for ready assistance in the preparation of my paper.

And it was with much gratification that he had heard occasionally after inspection comments in a tone that contained no trace of regret at his presence, even if it had as yet inspired no particular enthusiasm.

The secretary has for some time been in charge of the office of a savings and loan association and is the only woman member of the Indianapolis fire insurance inspection board.

This department is subdivided into the health department, which has charge of the hospitals, supervision of health matters in Panama and Colon, and of the quarantine, and into the sanitary inspection department, which looks after the destruction of the mosquito by various methods, by grass and brush cutting, the draining of various swampy areas, and the oiling of unavoidable pools and stagnant streams.

Now we are installed in Lakserai Circuit House These rest-houses are kept up by the Government for officials on inspection duty.

Around the governor's house is an enclosed area, and above an inspection gallery, from which the governor is enabled to see into every part of the prison.

22 Words to use with  inspection