11 Words to use with inspiration

Though poets may of inspiration boast, Their rage, ill-govern'd, in the clouds is lost.

I will write the lead today while the lamp of inspiration burns, and I will hear Pearl speak, and then oh, beloved, I will roll up my sleeves and spit on my hands and do a sketch of the New WomanPearlie, my childthis way lies fame.

When will the voices of inspiration cease to be heard on earth?

Little Duffy, squat and thick-set, felt inspiration descend on him.

Its one inspiration isTrade.

In the days of fresh inspiration men surely did not fail to prize the blessed books whence had come their new life.

That inspiration overrode Hardly it quelled the galling load Of personal ill.

Moses in all the Egyptian arts was skill'd, When heavenly power that chosen vessel fill'd; And we to his high inspiration owe, That what was done before the flood we know.

"As regularly as inspiration points," said Mr. Pith.

But your inspiration springs from the flesh, and is therefore ephemeral even as the flesh.

dilating to the storm, Bright as the pharos, as the watch-tower strong, With all the patriot's inspiration warm, Thy genius pour'd its thundering voice along.

11 Words to use with  inspiration