11 Words to use with insult

On ev'ry stage the foes of peace attend, Hate dogs their flight, and insult mocks their end.

But the ostracism will become violent if the individual life of a person is made unbearable by insults innuendoes or abuse.

Demand followed demand, and insult followed insult, on the part of the native officers and soldiers; for they, forming their behaviour on that of their master, thought they could not sufficiently show their contempt for everything European.

To this end she devoted herself with a truly Machiavellian ingenuity, devising all sorts of insults irritations and annoyances, and adding to the venom of her tongue the inventive cunning of a Malayan witch doctor.

Ill suits with guilt the gaieties of triumph; When daring vice insults eternal justice, The ministers of wrath forget compassion, And snatch the flaming bolt with hasty hand.

The number of a family constitutes its importance; where a family is small, a member of it can be injured with little fear of retaliation; but in a large family there are sure to be found some who will not let an insult pass without revenge.

The young man had read and heard much of the horrors of that torture-dance, which stamps the American Indian as the most ferocious of savages; but be had not understood at all how large a part insult plays in this ceremony of deliberate cruelty; and, insulting a woman!

What if my beauty insult thee, then blight it: but meOh spare me!

Gyfford, William, factor at Bombay, marries Catherine Chown; appointed supercargo of the Catherine; chief of Anjengo factory; his dishonesty; insults Mahommedan traders; his private trade; goes to Attinga with presents for the Rani; is inveigled into an ambush and tortured to death; his estate a debtor to the Company.

A pertinacious continuance of his attentions, on the part of one who has been distinctly rejected, is an insult deserving of the severest reprobation.

Hadst thou not thus with insult vain, Provoked my patience to complain, I had concealed thy meaner birth, Nor traced thee to the scum of earth.

11 Words to use with  insult