10 Words to use with interviewing

I knew that Pascal had the name of being very generous with an interview article if it pleased him.

As we were about to leave after an interview barren of new facts, a young man was announced, Mr. Halsey Post.

The Chief Woman Inspector first interviews candidates, weighs their qualifications, and reports upon them to the Secretary.

One has to ask at grocers' shops, groggeries, market-stalls, Chinese restaurants; interview corner cobblers, ragpickers, gutter children.

Kit's mother, poor woman, is waiting, and when the news is told a sad interview ensues.

"I shall have to go back to London and the old commercial life, the letter-writing and interview-giving, and all that kind of thing.

2. Date and time of interview interview 3. Place of interview1518 Pulaski Street, Little Rock, Arkansas.

"If we want you as a witness we shall let you know, and if not, there will be another two pounds for you at the end of a fortnight, provided you have not let this little interview leak out.

The young lady," he continued, blandly, "enjoys the further distinction of being the object of such attention from you as would make this interview reallya confidential matterereramong friends anderer relations in present and future.

In a few days after this terrible interview things were going swimmingly well with him.

10 Words to use with  interviewing