50 Words to use with jaunty

An eye-witness said, "The soldiers march with quite a jaunty air."

The Navy was crestfallen, though not a sign of sorrow or humiliation showed in the jaunty step of the men of the brigade as they marched back to the railway station and took the train for the first stage of the journey homethe run between Philadelphia and Baltimore.

It was there that the actor, doffing the jaunty hat which usually crowned his "comely head," and, flinging himself on his knees before his fair mistress, entreated her to rule his wayward heart, share his precarious fortunes, and bear his humble name.

Patty's part in the play was that of Diana, and her costume was to be a beautiful one of hunter's green cloth with russet leather leggings and a jaunty cap.

What he had seen was a man crouched behind some brush, looking down into the little gorge where the whiskey cache wasa man in leather boots, tight riding-breeches, scarlet jacket, and jaunty forage cap.

"Won't have a thing to do, will I?" CHAPTER XII TOM DUCKS TROUBLE To Tom Morse, sitting within the railed space that served for an office in the company store at Faraway, came a light-stepping youth in trim boots, scarlet jacket, and forage cap set at a jaunty angle.

The noble lord at the head of the Government treated the inquiry for papers in a jaunty way, and said, 'Oh!

Just stepping out of it was a sunburned young man, very upright in carriage, and dressed in a light-gray suit, with a jaunty straw hat.

She browbeat him into buying a suit such as those that are worn by jaunty youths in advertisements, including haberdashery of supreme elegance, the first patent-leather shoes worn by this particular Cowan, and a hat of class.

I waved a jaunty hand.

A noble Lord who held a high office, and who, though the most pompous, was not the wisest of mankind, was habitually a victim to a certain journalist of known enterprise, who used to waylay him outside Downing Street and accost him with jaunty confidence: "Well, Lord, so you have settled on so-and-so after all?"

It would be hard to say which wore the nattier cap, but that of the Admiral was of the more jaunty cut, while the Generalgold cord for a band and gold buttons, especially became his blue eyes.

Full in the tide of Merle's jaunty discourse he blazed out with an authority of his own, and in tones

Never music sounded sweeter in Jack's car than that jaunty epithet "hell"!

His jaunty evening dress, all weather-stained and dirty, added to his forlorn and disreputable appearance; but most of alldeepest of allwas the impression she received that he was not long for this world; and oh!

He seemed to be approaching middle age; there were faint traces of grey in his pointed beard and upward-twisted moustaches; he carried his years, however, in very jaunty fashion, and his white Homburg hat, ornamented with a blue ribbon, was set at a rakish angle on the side of his close-cropped head.

It had been decided that the democrat must come down again for the baggage; and so, three on a seat, with Tim Jones holding on behind, Ethelyn was driven through the town, while face after face looked at her from the windows of the different dwellings, and comment after comment was made upon her pretty little round hat, with its jaunty feather, which style had not then penetrated so far west as Olney.

Petrak remained at the wheel, a jaunty figure with a white canvas cap on his flaming head and one of Captain Riggs's best Manila cigars between his teeth.

When he came out of the bedroom he was without the jaunty freedom of manner that Little Rivers always associated with his full regalia.

A butterfly of a bonnet, a tiny face veil coming just to the tip of the nose, with the long one in the back sweeping almost to the ground, completes a picture of such a jaunty grief, such a saucy sorrow, that one would be quite willing to lose one or two distant relatives in order to be clad in such a manner.

The very tall, slender woman frequently ignores a jaunty jacket and takes a long coat like that shown in No. 36.

How I longed for the jaunty lightness that would have let me do a thing like that, tossing me fairly to the pinnacle of a public association with her!

A jaunty lump of a parlor-maid in a fluster at the sight of so much grandeur says "At home" (some of them have "days"), and we are ushered into a narrow hall and so to a drawing-room.

There are men whom fate can never keep downthey march forward in a jaunty manner, and take by divine right the best of everything that the earth affords.

She asked no more, and presently the jaunty notes of a banjo floating up the grassy slope told them that Green's entertainment had begun.

50 Words to use with  jaunty