76 Words to use with joyes

But Sharpsburg was a joy ride compared with Seddul-Bahr.

list ye to those blessed joy-bells!

Those who true love have ever tried, (The common cares of life supplied,) 130 No wants endure, no wishes make, But every real joy partake, All comfort on themselves depends; They want nor power, nor wealth, nor friends.

Yet All had Nothing bin, obscurely kept In the same Urne wherein his Dust hath slept, Nor had he ris' the Delphick wreath to claime, Had not the dying sceane expired his Name; Dispaire our joy hath doubled, he is come, Thrice welcome by this Post-liminium.

Even when the joy-riders mocked with "Oh, you Scout!"

though pain and sorrow May be my lot to-day, joy beams to-morrow: Within the veil, my soaring faith has entered; And all my happiness in Christ is centered.

and they're off in full sail (Science of old wasn't hard on her votary, So little mention you find in the tale Made of propeller or joy-stick or rotary); Silently skimming along in the air Spoke the paternal and prototype pioneer, "Mind that your altitude's low, and beware Fiery Phoebus you don't go and fly a-near!"

My brother forcibly engross'd my heart; I listen'd only to his friend's advice; My soul rush'd eagerly to rescue them, And as the mariner with joy surveys The less'ning breakers of a desert isle, So Tauris lay behind me.

They ate with the nervousness which joy supplies.

SEE Kafka, Franz. SHOENFELD, ABRAHAM H. The joy peddler.

From him the dear illusions long had fled, That o'er the morn of life enchantment shed; Yet virtue's calm reflections cheer'd his breast, And life was joy serene, and death was rest.

With joy approach, O Christian wight; Do homage to thy King; And highly praise this humble pomp, Which he from heaven doth bring.

Second joy book; illustrated by Fontaine Fox.

That shining joy springs from deeper reasons.

We gave them gone, and to Mycenæ sail'd, And Troy reviv'd, her mourning face unveil'd; All through th'unguarded gates with joy resort To see the slighted camp, the vacant port; Here lay Ulysses, there Achilles; here The battles join'd; the Grecian fleet rode there; 30 But the vast pile th'amazèd vulgar views, Till they their reason in their wonder lose.

" For the solution the reader is referred to the book itself, a study of which will well repay him, apart from the chance he may have of discovering some mistake, and the consequent joy thereat!

Frail waif from the sublime storm-shaken sea, Thou seem'st the childhood toy of some old king, Who 'mid the shock of nations lights on thee, And instant backward do his thoughts take wing To the unclouded days of infancy; Then, sighing, thus away the foolish joy doth fling.

When they cannot come with confidence, and draw out of him by faith, what their soul's case calleth for; they cannot "with joy draw waters out of the wells of salvation," Isa. xii.

boy, Who makes | young hearts | his prey; And in | his nets | of joy Ensnares | them night | and day.

Who there holds revels with his heavenly mates, And sees, with joy exceeding, children rise On children; for that Zeus exempts from age And death their frames who sprang from Heracles: And Ptolemy, like Alexander, claims From him; his gallant son their common sire.

[Exit. Rod.Zounds, he has don't: now, Roderick, joy thy fill.

The following verse precedes the one quoted by Johnson: 'Ev'n from the straw-roofed cot the note of joy Flows full and frequent, as the village-fair, Whose little wants the busy hour employ, Chanting some rural ditty soothes her care.'

; And woe to him, who with impatient hand, His date of joy forestalling, gathers death.

It was all beautiful, joy-giving.

The traveller's joy gleams in the September sunlight as the feathery awns lengthen on its seed vessels.

76 Words to use with  joyes
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