6 Words to use with junctions

In May, 1897, two carloads of arms and ammunition were shipped from New York to Jacksonville, but, by the authority of Mr. Fritot, they were quietly dropped from the train at a junction point, and sent to Wilmington, N.C.

Junction N. junction; joining &c v.; joinder [Law], union connection, conjunction, conjugation; annexion^, annexation, annexment^; astriction^, attachment, compagination^, vincture^, ligation, alligation^; accouplement^; marriage &c (wedlock,) 903; infibulation^, inosculation^, symphysis

" "You will greatly oblige me by communicating to me your opinion, approximatively, of the course held by the primary rocks south of Lake Superior, as far as you are acquainted with it, or with the edges of the secondary rocks, which have a junction line with, or near them.

The junction signals are soon sighted; neither caution nor danger is indicated, and, once clear of the station, we steam ahead as fast as ever.

Twenty carriages have come so far together; but here is a junction station, and the train is to be divided.

President Davis got off the train at the junction yonder, and as he rode across this field, where we are now, the woods yonder were full of our men, flying from the Henry House Hill, where Sherman had cut General Bee's brigade to pieces and was routing Jackson'Stonewall,' we call him now, because General Bonham, when he brought up the reserves, shouted, 'See, there, where Jackson stands like a stone wall!'

6 Words to use with  junctions