11 Words to use with keels

Even my eyes, accustomed to the darkness, and strained to the utmost, could detect scarcely more than the faintest shadow gliding silently by, yet sufficient to recognize the outlines of a small keel boat, propelled by a single lug sail, and even imagined I could discern the stooped figure of a man at the helm.

THE KEEL ROW As I came thro' Sandgate, Thro' Sandgate, thro' Sandgate, As I came thro' Sandgate, I heard a lassie sing "O weel may the keel row, The keel row, the keel row,

Thence we sailed against the Spaniard with his hoards of plate and gold, Which he wrung with cruel tortures from Indian folk of old; Likewise the merchant captains, with hearts as hard as stone, Who flog men and keel-haul them, and starve them to the bone.

But when the vessel's keel grates on the sand, Will HE lean down its side and call to me?

There is a path on the sea's azure floor, No keel hath ever ploughed that path before.

This wonderful contrivance is readily seen by opening the keel-leaf of the flowers of broom before they burst spontaneously.

The coal-heavers of Wapping destroyed property and committed murders, and two thousand keel-men and sailors of Sunderland fairly beat off the King's troops that were sent against them from Newcastle.

PLATE 2, FIGURE 2. Black; elytra slightly pitchy; head and thorax thickly punctured; thorax with a cruciform impression on the disk; elytra with three keels meeting before they reach the apex, the intermediate spaces and the apex irregularly punctate.

At last our grating keels outslide, Our good boats forward swing; And while we ride the land-locked tide, Our negroes row and sing. For dear the bondman holds his gifts Of music and of song: The gold that kindly Nature sifts

Ay keel dis damned Gowdy!

" There followed a fresh upheaval, as if the boat were perpendicular; a sudden sinking, some one fell over and bruised her; another frightful rising and falling, then smoothness; the rope that held her fast undone; the keel grating; hands apparently dragging up the boat.

11 Words to use with  keels