26 Words to use with kneed

She hired a fly, and a pair of broken-kneed horses, at Brawnton, and once more took her relations at Hewelscourt by surprise.

None of this late weak-kneed compromise for him!

A knock-kneed man who knows how to use a machine-gun and has one to usewhich is also quite importantcould mow down all the leading heavy-weights of the United States and England, with the latest champion leading the charge.

Stockings and shoes I had none, but I had made a pair of somethings, I scarce knew what to call them, to slip over my legs; a jacket, with the skirts coming down to the middle of my thighs, and a pair of open-kneed breeches of the same, completing my outfit.

The ballot-box has made it practically impossible for the individual voter to know which is going to be the winning side, but after the first few days of a general election, one side or the other has generally got a more or less decided advantage, and a weak-kneed constituency is sorely tempted to swell the tide of victory.

He had no clothes on but a seaman's waistcoat, a pair of open-kneed linen drawers, and a blue linen shirt; but nothing to direct me so much as to guess what nation he was of: he had nothing in his pockets but two pieces-of-eight and a tobacco-pipe;the last was to me of ten times more value than the first.

There was a comical-looking little knock-kneed fellow in the middle of the street a wandering minstrel, well known in Preston by the name of "Whistling Jack."

" Such was the weak-kneed husband to whom was now allied the most precocious, headstrong young woman in all France; who, although still short of her sixteenth birthday, was a past-mistress of the arts of pleasure, and was now determined to have her full fling at any cost.

But news intended to make their flesh creep came in at the same time, and probably had more effect than the shells on the weak-kneed members of the community.

A thin, knock-kneed officer shambled across the poop to him.

Glapthorne's editor has striven to show that the weak-kneed playwright was a fellow-pupil of John Milton's at St. Paul's.

Thus the contest raged for years, until the South, growing strong on her ill-gotten gains, and arrogant from her success with the supple-kneed politicians of the North, put the Church in the North upon the defensive by demanding toleration, if not actual adoption.

The trot he used to enjoy by stealth on the butcher's broken-kneed pony, is succeeded now by a gallop on a steed of Quartermain's; and he is delighted to find that horse and owner strive which shall be the softest-mouthed and gentlest charger.

[Illustration: Physical Drill Instructor (to weak-kneed recruit).

So that when the real prayer meeting is in progress, there will be no blundering through new tunes or weak-kneed renditions of them.

Listen, you pusillanimous, knock-kneed shrimp?

He spoke, therefore, to his kinsman: "Good indeed, Irgalac, son of Macclac, son of Congal, son of Rudraige, sayest thou who is proper to go to estimate and to reconnoitre the army?" "Who should go there," answered Irgalac, "but Iriel good at arms, great-kneed son of Conall Cernac.

Shall we exchange him for a weak-kneed theorist?" "Are you ready to die, Galen?" "Why not? Are you the only Roman?

my chicken, I shall scrawl Just what I fancy as I strike it, Fairies and Fusiliers, and all Old broken knock-kneed thought will crawl Across my verse in the classic way.

We've got 3 colliges here, Harvard, 'Ale, and the Electoral College, and a skalier lot of week-kneed timber than these institutions sometimes turns out, would make you stick to your stomack to look at.

" Portuguese Jim was the sole professional criminal of the town, a weak, good-natured, knock-kneed vagabond, who stole hens, and spent every winter in the House of Correction as an "idle and disorderly person.

The men who have lost faith in their own machinery should be told that no company can survive the effects of weak-kneed advocates.

A knotty-kneed youth sitting high on a donkey, both amuleted against the evil eye, chewed three purplish-feet of sugar-cane, which made one envious as well as voluptuously homesick, though the sugar-cane of Egypt is not to be compared with that of Bombay.

'Some one ought to do it, but why should I?' is the ever re-echoed phrase of weak-kneed amiability.

It may have been the valour of ignorance which these broad-hatted, bare-kneed boys displayed, but it was the sort of valour which characterized every Belgian soldier.

26 Words to use with  kneed