17 Words to use with landlord

But landlord-baiting is a sport to which the House of Commons is much addicted, and by the time the measure emerges from Committee its own draughtsman will hardly recognise it.

During a recent excursion in Cumberland, I copied the following epitaph from the album kept at the inn at Pooley Bridge, the landlord of which is well known, as being quite an original:W.W. Will Russell was a landlord bold, A noble wight was he, Right fond of quips and merry cracks, And ev'ry kind of glee.

The landlord caste are the descendants of hereditary chiefs, of former revenue farmers and persons of importance to whom land grants were made in ancient times.

"In destroying the landlord and capitalist are not the Russian proletariat merely taking back its own property?" "Is it not a fact that the more systematically and effectively we annihilate the bourgeois and landlord class, and all the institutions belonging to them, the easier it will be to erect the new order?" These are all very subtle and difficult to answer briefly at a meeting of Russian workmen, not one of whom can read or write.

His widening circle of landlord clients have each their attendant circles of tenants, who feel confidence in their leader's legal adviser.

But some of these are given to the landlord-father, while the elder Goethe's pedantry and petty weaknesses are shown in the apothecary.

This ludicrous circumstance led to the confusion I had noticed when I arrived; the man had gone they knew not whither, and had it been possible to overtake him, I question whether he would have been pursued, the cleverness of the trick being highly applauded by the company, and the landlord feeling, perhaps, ashamed of being outwitted a second time, after himself giving the challenge.

" Then the country landlord hesitates.

The silly countryman who, seeing an ape in a scarlet coat, blessed his young worship, and gave his landlord joy of the hopes of his house, did not slander his complement with worse application than he that names this shred an historian.

A tenant from year to year gave his landlord notice to quit, ending the tenancy at a time within the half-year; the landlord acquiesced at first, but afterwards refused to accept the notice.

The census gives 191,691,731 people as agriculturists, of whom 131,000,000 till their own or rented land, 18,750,000 receive incomes as landlord owners and the remainder are agricultural laborers.

At the same time, I felt the landlord press back against me, as if something had passed close to him; and he called out again, a hoarse sort of cry:'The Woman!

But somehow or other I brought landlord round, and presently we must have a glass of his best to prove its quality.

When the glasses are empty the company calls for desert; for the opium-drinker must always have his "kharbhanjan" or bitter taste remover; and the landlord straightway produces sweets, fruit, parched grain, or sago-gruel known as "khir" according to the taste of his customers.

The laborer gave the landlord labor time in exchange for the privilege of working part of the land for his own support.

The Act now proposed was to abolish one passed in 1860 which had reduced all tenant and landlord transactions in Ireland to simple matters of free contract, and to interpose the authority of the State between the two.

It can't beit's too crool!" He made such a noise that the landlord wot was waiting for 'is money, asked 'im wot he meant by it, and, arter he 'ad explained, I'm blest if the landlord didn't advise him to search me.

17 Words to use with  landlord