27 Words to use with leader

Tame goose that he was, he had heard about a leader goose, named Akka, who was more than a hundred years old.

The working-man, so far as I know him, does not depend for his patriotism on the leader-writers of the newspapers.

Wilson held on to the anchored trace whilst the rest of us laboured at the leader end.

When they saw their leader fall, the crowd gave another angry shout; but the stranger placed his back against the tent near which he stood, swinging his terrible staff, and so fell had been the blow that he struck the stout smith that none dared to come within the measure of his cudgel, so the press crowded back, like a pack of dogs from a bear at bay.

230 To the thick woods the woolly flocks retreat, And mixed with bellowing herds confus'dly bleat; Their trembling lords the common shade partake, And cries of infants sound in every brake: The listening soldier fixed in sorrow stands, Loth to obey his leader's just commands; The leader grieves, by generous pity swayed, To see his just commands so well obeyed.

No Unitarian leader hitherto has displayed more activity, and few, if any, have possessed greater controversial ability than he.

They are needed too urgently to make our leaders leader-like and to sustain the active understandings of the race.

And yet there was still some hope that at least with the great leader matters were not desperate.

No. 4 is the off-swing, or middle-leader mule.

* In connection with the epidemic of burglaries in London, The Daily Express has now published a leader note saying there have been too many of late.

The proof was useless now, for the leader-page was made up.

Wild despair Inspired the troops with frenzy when they saw Their leader perish; every thought of rescue Was spurned; they fought like wounded tigers; their Frantic resistance roused our soldiery; A murderous fight took place, nor was the contest Finish'd before their last man fell.

WISHAW LEADER Photograph by C. Reid, Wishaw]

"Make it a quarter," said a man lounging against the leader-pipe.

[Illustration: A drunken, shaggy bearded and poorly dressed man pushed himself through the crowd, which listened to the Salvation Army's leader plea for penitents to come forward.]

His senses Kingu loses, vanishes his thought, And the gods, his helpers, who stood by his side Saw their leader powerless....

Only the crowd must be sober; and that which its leader preaches must be hope.

Jefferson, Thomas, writes Declaration of Independence secretary of state, Republican leader vice president, opposes Alien and Sedition laws president favors political proscription.

We, recalling that so also mankind have styled Alexander, Caesar, Frederick, and Napoleon, and beholding in the Confederate leader qualities higher and better than theirs, find that language poor indeed which only enables us to call him 'great'him standing among the great of all ages preëminent.

Alfred, after many battles against the invaders, had at last seen Guthrum their leader retire from Wessex into Mercia.

The greater the obstacles, the more brightly does his ability as a leader shine.

The plans of years were frustrated; his own life and liberty were thrown away; many others were sacrificed through his leader ship; and one more added to the list of unsuccessful insurrections.

But the third time a feint at one side and a charge at the other took the leader unawares.

At length, however, after years of propaganda by skilful leaders war appeared to them the lesser evil and their will was carried out by force of arms.

With an invincibly aristocratic tradition we are failing altogether to produce a leader class adequate to modern needs.

27 Words to use with  leader