22 Words to use with learnings

Embodying, as it does, the results of researches in educational psychology, it should prove especially suitable for use in teachers' reading circles where a concise presentation of the facts regarding the psychology of the learning process is desired.

Eileen Street (W); 11May71; R505997. BURTON, VIRGINIA N. The guidance of learning activities: a summary of the principles of teaching as based upon the principles of learning.

'Much learning hath made you mad.'

If you will examine the learning curve closely, you will note that after the initial spurt, there is a slowing up.

We have replaced the Saxon b=oc-craeft, "book-art," by "literature"; =aefen-gl=om, "evening-gloom," by "twilight"; mere-sw=in, "sea-swine," by "porpoise"; =eag-wraec, "eye-rack," by "pain in the eye"; leornung-cild, "learning-child," by "pupil."

The first body of learned Jews which drew attention after that disastrous event was that settled in Spain; and from it all Jewish learning descends.

We forget precisely who it was that so observantly said to another, "Much learning doth make thee mad."

His prolixity does not weary, nor his learning embarrass, the reader.

This will be a good learning experience for me, and can only make me a better ruler for the land of Oz."

The "learning fit for young Gentlewomen" comprised "the Needle, Dancing, and the French tongue; a little Music on the Harpsichord or Spinet, to read, write, and cast accounts in a small way."

A work so full with various learning fraught, So nicely ponder'd, yet so strongly wrought, As nature's height and art's last hand required: As much as man could compass, uninspired.

Learning gymnastics is like learning to swim,you incur a small temporary risk for the sake of acquiring powers that will lessen your risks in the end.

It's not the learning itselfit's the life that grows up from learning.

""Exactly what we, your disciples, cannot by any learning manage to be," said Kung-si Hwa.

Whether true or not generally, it was demonstrated in young Edison and it governed his learning telegraphy and the manner thereof.

"Theirs is the vanity, the learning thine; Touched by thy hand, again Rome's glories shine.

This confirms to me what I have heard remarked, That there is a docible season, a learning-time, as I may say, for every person, in which the mind may be led, step by step, from the lower to the higher, (year by year,) to improvement.

Along the way I did trample on a few toes inadvertently, but my well wishers and the learning tips they provided me are invaluable.

Where be the sweete delights of learnings treasure, 175 That wont with comick sock to beautefie The painted theaters, and fill with pleasure The listners eyes, and eares with melodie, In which I late was wont to raine as queene, And maske in mirth with graces well beseene?

This has brought down my history in this respect till now: The constructive playing age, The learning age, The combining age, So far the intellect. * *

Each work is beautifully and classically bound; and to each Mr. Roscoe has prefixed, in his own fair hand writing, a short account of the particular manuscript, with the bibliographical learning appertaining to it.

Children with small, mechanically cramped pituitaries lie and steal, are bed-wetters, have poor control over themselves, and a low learning capacity.

22 Words to use with  learnings