21 Words to use with linking

The purpose of the double eccentrics is to enable an improved arrangement of valve gear to be employed, which is denominated the link motion, and which will be described hereafter.

Mr. Jabez Oldfield, of Glasgow, has the reputation of making the best and most reliable link belt in Great Britain.

Ravenscroft, in The London Cuckolds (1682), Act iii, introduces a link-boy singing this verse as he passes down the street.

" "Aha!" cried Giles, springing up so that his link-mail jingled, "aha! a sweet thought, tall brother!

The old saying that "there is nothing new under the sun" may well be applied to leather link belting.

There was no link wanting; the chain of heredity, logical and implacable, was unbroken.

As before stated, this link is used only for reversing, and is therefore always in "full gear" in one direction or the other; and the striking feature of the arrangement here used is that, whether going ahead or backing, there is no slipping of the link upon the link block.

"'That iss for which we haf so-long-in-vain sought, Percy,' he said to me in his quaint, link-chain style of speech.

The connection between the two by a series of subtle interior links forms gradually with the years.

In arranging the independent cut-off on the Joy gear, it is only necessary to increase the length of the vibrating link beyond the point of attachment for the main valve spindle connection to obtain a point from which motion may be taken to actuate the cut-off valve; even then the cost of the Joy gear for both cylinders is but little more than for a single set of link gear.

"Some frosty morning in October, if you hear a sound coming from the sky, like the tinkling of little bells'Tlink-link-link-link'you may be sure there is a flock of Crossbills near, and soon you will see them climbing about an evergreen, or quietly picking seeds on a birch or beech.

I'm dommed good an' ready," said Callahan, jabbing the snout of his oiler into the link machinery.

[U.S.], lines, ribbons. bolt, deadbolt, bar, lock, police lock, combination lock, padlock, rail, wall, stone wall; paling, palisade; fence, picket fence, barbed wire fence, Cyclone fence, stockade fence, chain-link fence; barrier, barricade. drag &c (hindrance) 706.

10. chain maker; this comprises several branches, wire drawer, link maker and rivetter, hook maker, &c. 11.

stroke; and the valve gear is of the usual shifting link description.

Poor oil is largely responsible for the fast going out of use of the link reverse among the makers of traction engines.

The yard-dog's chain ought always to be fitted with a stop link spring to counteract the effect of the sudden jerk.

Take the Web: none of us can hope to read even a fraction of all the pages on the Web, but by analyzing the link structures that bind all those pages together, Google is able to actually tease out machine-generated conclusions about the relative relevance of different pages to different queries.

Nor do I find, to take another instance, among the hotel staffs of Switzerland and the Rivierawho live almost entirely upon British goldthose impassioned British imperialist views the economic link theory would lead me to expect.

And home foes, too; if these philosophers Put up the curb, my Lord, a half-link tighter, The scythes will be among our horses' legs Before next harvest.

AN ALLIANCE This is the weird of a world-old folk, That not till the last link breaks, Not till the night is blackest, The blood of Hengist wakes.

21 Words to use with  linking