130 Words to use with machines

They were used at convenient points to stop rushes, much like modern machine-guns.

To live imprisoned between long rows of brick walls, breathing an atmosphere charged with the exhalations of ten thousand cooking stoves, the dust of forges and the smoke of furnaces, machine shops, gas works, filthy streets, and the thousand other manufactories of villainous smells; where the summer air has no freshness, no forest odors, or sweetness gathered from fields of grain, the meadows, or the pastures.

List of parts machine number 99W130.

The American leviathan: the Republic in the machine age, by Charles A. Beard and William Beard.

It was a prominent feature, 500 yards or perhaps a little more from a portion of the enemy's main line, and the Turks held it strongly and were supported by a section of German machine-gunners.

One of the first questions that arises in the mind of one who intends to undertake machine design is, what constitutes natural fitness for it.

"Planers (large letters) Wanted, for machine tool work; good bonus; war work; permanent job.

CO. Inclined lettering for mechanical and machine drawing.

and Mrs. Porter told Mrs. Milt she should try something for that voice of hers, and recommended machine oil, and Central rang in and told them they'd all have their 'phones taken out if they didn't stop quarreling; and John Thomas, in the hay-mow, slept on, as peacefully as an innocent babe!

FAIRES, VIRGIL MORING. Design of machine elements.

Industrial Press, Inc. (PWH); 3May68; R434932. Machine shop training course; a treatise of machine shop practice In two volumes.

R621519. IBM electric punched card accounting machines, customer engineering manual of <pb id='570.png' /> instruction; alphabetical accounting machine type 405, electrical principles.

This is why machine-work can never be thoroughly beautiful: it lacks the spontaneity of life.

Then one evening she came suddenly into the machine room.

The sewing machine co-service manual.

National Cash Register Co. (PWH); 14Jan65; R353806. Class 2000 billing machine instruction book for students in repair school.

In looking over the history of one of the companies engaged in machine building, we find that the cost of the labor has been lowered to about one-fifth of the original.

It was impossible for the Germans to keep their front line supplied with ammunition or food, the carriers of which were obliged to pass through a tornado of shells and machine gun bullets while crossing the Valley of the Ailette, where their every movement could be observed by the French.

R87455, 14Dec51, The Singer Manufacturing Co. (PWH) Machine sewing, by Hazel L. Hunt.

If it is true, then the machine designer should know it.

Byrne machine shorthand.

Machine song: automobile.

R84110, 8Oct51, The W. H. Anderson Co. (PWH) HORSACK, OTTO A. Sample of closing shoes on machine style 2600A. R83812.

This would have been considered quite impossible of accomplishment by our earlier machine makers.

Moving-picture machine operators were seeking advantageous locations for their outfits; pedestrians dodged, indiscriminately, high-powered automobiles and plunging bronchos; the old and the new were slapped together in an incongruous jumble in the streets of Eagle Butte.

130 Words to use with  machines