40 Words to use with magic

I sat on the broken pillar, which Scott always used for a seat when he visited the Abbey, and read the disinterring of the magic book, in the "Lay of the Last Minstrel."

"I know where there is a book of magic spells that can make mincemeat out of Dorothy and the Scarecrow and those guys.

I retired upon the days of my boyhood, my legs and feet becoming clairvoyant of the corduroys and highlows of that happy period of my existence, as the revolving curls of pale smoke exhibited to me, with marvellous fidelity, many quaint successive tableaux of the old familiar scenes of home,sentimental, some of them,comic, others,like the domestic incidents revealed with exaggerations on the hazy field of a magic-lantern.

The magic ring, which no one thought worth appropriating, remained upon the corpse's finger.

The magic-makers of Morocco.

The magic pawnshop.

Once Manuel went with Freydis into a dark place where some of these magic-workers were at labor.

When shall I leave this magic sphere, And be all mind, all eye, all ear?

SEE Embree, Edwin R. EMERSON, CAROLINE D. The magic tunnel; a story of old New York.

Voice of the past, in thy sweetness and sadness Thy magic enthralling, thy beauty and power, Oh voice of the past!

The atmosphere rang as with the chimes of a cathedral, the echoesthere were none in realityreturning from roof and tree, and I had the feeling of the air being made up of voices, and of whirling in this magic ether.

Now our highest wonder-duty Is with this same wonder-beauty; How, with culture high and steady, To unfold a magic-lady; How to keep her full of wonder At all things above and under; Her from childhood never part, Change the brain, but keep the heart.

On the contrary, the crystal, or magic mirror serves merely as a physical instrument for the astral vision, just as the telescope or microscope performs a similar office for the physical vision.

" Grandpa Grumbles said, "Bushy-Tail put on the red magic mittens and they pinched his paws.

20 Such magic power has your prodigious pen To raise the dead, and give new life to men, Make rival princes meet in arms and love, Whom distant ages did so far remove; For as eternity has neither past Nor future, authors say, nor first nor last, But is all instant, your eternal Muse All ages can to any one reduce.

The second is a song sung while a deserted shepherdess performs with scrupulous precision the magic rites which are to bring her faithless lover back to her.

The literature, too, of the past is rich in allusions to this piece of superstition, and Swift in his "Virtues of Sid Hamet the Magician's Rod" (1710) thus refers to it: "They tell us something strange and odd About a certain magic rod That, bending down its top, divines Whene'er

Before the youthful bard's impassion'd eye, Like him, led on, to triumph and to die; Like him, by mighty magic compass'd round, And seeking sceptres on enchanted ground.

And when you are old and lonely, In Memory's magic shine You will see on your thin and wasting hands, Like gems, these kisses of mine.

There came again to her the memory of those fierce, compelling eyes, the dogged mastery with which he had fought her resolution, the sudden magic softening of the harsh face when he smiled.

the mountain ridge along, Streameth a raving magic-song!

BRITOMART, is a lady knight in the "Faërie Queene," representing chastity with a resistless magic spear.

" This magic speculum is a flat polished mineral, like cannel coal, of a circular form, fitted with a handle.

While Hayley wakes thy magic string, His shades shall no rude sound profane, But stillness on her folded wing, Enamour'd catch his soothing strain: Tho' genius breathe its purest flame Around his lyre's enchanting frame; Tho' music there in every period roll, More warm his friendship, and more pure his soul.

And meanwhile, breathless and shaking, he clung to Skale, still murmuring in his heart the magic syllable, but swept into some region of glory where pain and joy both ceased, where terror and delight merged into some perfectly simple form of love, and where he became in an instant of time an entirely new and emancipated Spinrobin, driving at full speed towards the ultimate sound and secret of the universeGod.

40 Words to use with  magic