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I found that, unluckily, the mail-coach had left the place just before our arrival, so I booked myself in an accommodation-stage, which was to reach Boston (a distance of one hundred and sixty miles) in three days, and entered the wretched-looking vehicle, with a heavy heart, at eight o'clock....

The mail-steamer passes Nuchek day after to-morrow, and we must go over there in time to take it.

The men could be seen hurrying in boyish glee toward the train as it drew near the temporary station, where mail-bags were thrown out and sometimes supplies of food or munitions of war.

GREATEST MAIL SERVICE IN THE WORLD The mail service of the American armies in France and Belgium was one of the most remarkably original features of the war.

He presented them without embarrassment to "Windy Jim Wilson, of Hog'em Junction, the best trail mail-carrier in the 'nited States.

The Spaniard said an African mail-boat from England was coming in, and Barbara was conscious of some relief.

If we're going to get those letters onto a mail train, we've got to hustle.

" In the afternoon Jeannette and J.W. took a ride around the neighborhood, whose every tree and culvert and rural mail-box they knew, without in the least being tired of seeing it.

A prompt attention to the collection of moneys received by postmasters, it is believed, will enable the Department to continue its operations without aid from the Treasury, unless the expenditures shall be increased by the establishment of new mail routes.

His broad shield hung behind his shoulder, balanced by a long lance whose gay banderol fluttered wanton to the soft-breathing air; above his mail-coif he wore a small bright-polished bascinet, while, at his high-peaked saddle-bow his ponderous war-helm swung, together with broad-bladed battle-axe.

In the tons of "mail matter" for Dawson, stranded at Skaguay, must be those "instructions" from the Colonel's bank, at home, to the Canadian Bank of Commerce, Dawson City.

I had accommodated my time to the wish of the boatman, who desired to be there in time for prayers: so that I had a long waiting at Cahersiveen for the mail car.

"But Flame City depends on mail order hats and I thought it safer to wait till I could see what people are really wearing.

He had come by the mail-packet from Shanghae, with a letter from the Imperial Commissioners, announcing that the seal of Imperial Commission had been taken from Hwang, the Governor-General of this province, and given to Ho, the Governor-General of the provinces in which Shanghae is situated.

It was mail-day, and gayety flowed among the tables, under the thin acacias, on a high tide of Amer Picon.

Judging from the sounds he had heard, the men bent on securing the registered mail pouch had been baffled.

It will be for Congress to consider whether the precedent established by this bill will not in effect annul all restrictions contained in the mail contracts enabling the Postmaster-General to reduce or curtail the postal service according to the public exigencies as they may arise.

* * * * * [Foreign mail facilities.]

Later, when his lungs had healed, Bill hired the mail-man to take him and his nurse to Nome.

The annual mail transportation on these routes is about 36,228,962 miles, having been increased about 10,359,476 miles within the same period.

Insomuch that upon a certain balmy eve, Giles the Archer, lolling beside the fire looking upon Black Roger, who sat beside him furbishing his mail-shirt, spake his mind on this wise: "Mark ye these lamb-like wolves of ours, sweet Roger?

"You weren't badly injured, that is, no bones were broken, as is very often the casethat girl there in the next bed but two had one arm, one leg, and two ribs broken: mail cart; and that poor woman opposite, got both arms and a collar-bone brokenBut I mustn't harrow you with our bad cases," she said, quickly, as Ida seemed to wince.

R61588, 28Feb50, Baker Brush Co., Inc. (P) A BAKER'S ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN TO SELL BREAD, newspaper and direct by mail advertising, by Washburn Crosby Co. © 18Jul22, A682232.

I cried till I heard the mail coachman's horn, and then I ran to the gate to see the mail-coach go past.

Regents of the University of California (PWH); 24Feb69; R456334. BROOKINGS INSTITUTION, WASHINGTON, D. C. Air mail payment and the Government.

95 Words to use with  mailed
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