33 Words to use with majorities

And if a majority vote be worth anything at all, I think this modern theory at least as sound as the democratic theory of politics which prevailed here before the Communistic revolution, and which seems by your account to be gaining ground on Earth.

It is unquestionably a palpable negation of majority rule, for as no measure can become a law without the concurrence of the Senatenow numbering ninety-six Senatorsa combination of the little States, whoso aggregate population is not a fifth of the American people, can defeat the will of the remaining four-fifths.

In no other way is it possible for one to understand the majority report of the Hunter Committee, the despatch of the Government of India, and the reply thereto of the Secretary of State for India.

They are in an overwhelming majority women, or, to be more accurate, girls.

The odd number insures a majority decision in case of any difference of opinion among them.

There were about fifty persons in the gangthe majority femalesunder two inspectors or superintendents, men who take the place of the quondam drivers, though their province is totally different.

There is nothing new in this, however, as any cool-headed man may see in this enlightened republic of our own, daily examples in which the majority-principle works purely for the aggrandizement of a minority clique.

But the attempt, noble as it was in conception, proved a dismal failure, and it became clear that national unity in Germany was to be won "not by speeches and majority resolutions, but by blood and iron."

Night letter: Two factions in company I can buy from enemies president bare majority stock at average seventy-six but hundred of these shares held at ninety-two I could probably get hundred quietly from friends president about seventy-seven but president might detect move and buy majority stock himself wire instructions.

"Where should I turn for outside capital that would not demand a majority interest in the project?

Upon his being known, part of the company laid hold of him and made a show of putting him into the fire; but the majority interposing, he was rescued.

But, throughout the great republic of the forest, the motto of the majority isas it is, and always has been, with human beings'Every one for himself, and the devil take the hindmost.'

ALOE, a genus of succulent plants embracing 200 species, the majority natives of S. Africa, valuable in medicine, in particular a purgative from the juice of the leaves of several species.

"If for a particular purpose the public have a right to resort to his premises"this important qualification from now on seems to have been lost sight of in the majority opinion.

They were not an unusual lot, the majority planters from the Colonies homeward bound, with occasionally a new emigrant about to try for fortune beyond seas, together with one or two naval officers.

By the Lecompton trick they would show that in conflict with their dogmas the public will was vicious, and in conflict with their intrigues the majority powerless.

However, the majority approve of the system; and as no thought is given to the minority, "if you don't like it, you may lump it.

Certainly their blood brothers, changed by millenniums of a different environment, remain in Malaysia, known there as the aborigines (Orang-Benoa), by the majority races.

This fact has been dilated on in books devoted to shoeing, and in the prefatory note to the last edition of Fleming's manual on this subject we find the following statement: 'The records of all humane societies show that, of prosecutions for cruelty to animals, an overwhelming majority refer to the horse; and of these, a large proportion are for working horses while suffering from lameness in one form or other.

But the majority consist of dominant mixtures, hyphenates, groups which are the species and varieties of the greater classes.

And the Liberals forged ahead with a third majority win.

In this country, in which the idea of authority has little force, there is one authority, that of the Bible, before which the majority bow, and which is of the more importance inasmuch as it alone commands respect and obedience.

In the hearts of the people is the ready reply; and therefore it is that I turn to the other side of the Chamber, to the majority section, to the section in which have been committed the acts that now threaten the dissolution of the Union....

When the elections were over and the Government majority secure, the Treasury called on the poor-law guardians to levy immediately a special rate for the repayment of a million and a quarter lent by the State in a previous year.

To the majority specialization has brought a life of mechanical and monotonous toil, with little or none of the pride in a job well done, such as was enjoyed by the savage when he had made his bow or caught his fish; those who work all day on some minute process necessary, among many others, to the turning out of a pin, can never feel the full joy of achievement such as is gained by a man who has made the whole of anything.

33 Words to use with  majorities