12 Words to use with managers

SONEY & SAGE CO. New Jersey commission government law (Walsh Act) and municipal manager law.

So I determined that I must see the managers mysel'.

Managers hearing of it as your honest opinion might fight shy of me.

Jarvis was nothing loath to put off the evil hour when he was to start on his manager-hunt.

If they wouldn't let their own manager overdraw, whom would they?

Equally the argument applies to the most recent device suggestedthe city manager plan.

Thus man by man they stood waiting; a background no art could reproduce, no stage manager prodigal of expense.

I didna believe that last, though, I'm tellin' yeI was sure that I'd be as well received in London as I had been in Birkenhead, could I but mak' a manager risk giving me a turn.

At the Empire Theatre, where the king of managers rules, there was actually an elevator to carry one up to the throne room and its antechambers.

"I'm asking you what you think of the situation, as illuminated by this last episode?" "Well, I'm still reflecting on what you said to that manager chap," answered Allerdyke.

MANAGER A truce to words, mere empty sound, Let deeds at length appear, my friends!

At Rettiah, still further to the north, was a rich rajah's palace, where a resident European manager dwelt, and had for his sole society an assistant magistrate who transacted the executive and judicial work of the subdistrict.

12 Words to use with  managers