21 Words to use with margins

Margin entire, bright green.

Cells cup-shaped, shallow; mouth nearly vertical, subquadrangular, margin subcrenate, plicate; with a small acute central denticle in front, and a wide shallow notch behind.

9. P. longicornis, n. sp. Cells urceolate, deep, upper half curved abruptly upon the lower, so that the mouth is vertical; margin subplicate, subcrenate, rising on each side into a broad angular lobe, entire behind, and quite free from the rachis.

More pleased, my foot the hidden margin roves Of Como, bosomed deep in chestnut groves.

But neither the walls, nor the margin meadow, nor yet the gay, fluttering grove in which you stand, nor the lake itself, flashing with spangles, can long hold your attention; for at the head of the lake there is a gorgeous mass of orange-yellow, belonging to the main aspen belt of the basin, which seems the very fountain whence all the color below it had flowed, and here your eye is filled and fixed.

Both wings the Cumberland's margin meet, Then, backwkard curving, clasp the rebel seat.

It will, therefore, include all conformations varying from the so-called 'upright hoof,' in which the toe forms an angle of more than 60 degrees with the ground, to the badly 'clubbed' foot, in which the horn at the toe forms a right angle with the ground, or is even directed obliquely backwards and downwards, so that the coronary margin overhangs the solar edge of the wall.

This shell is pale yellowish, with irregular, large, distinct, concentric ridges, and distinctly radiated striae; the umbones smooth, polished, orange-yellow; the lozenge lanceolate, purple; the inside golden-yellow; the anterior and posterior dorsal margins purple.

Lightning along its margin ran; A rumour of the sea Rose in profundity and sank Into infinity.

Cells biserial; opening oval, truncated above, and the upper margin recedent, with a spine on each side, the outer the longer surface of cell covered with transparent granulations.

Darkness again the wood investeth, The moon midst clouds is seen to sail, And once more on the margin resteth

Meanwhile, the glacier continues to recede, and numerous rills, still younger than the lake itself, bring down glacier-mud, sand-grains, and pebbles, giving rise to margin-rings and plats of soil.

Cut the middle out rather deep, leaving a good margin round, from which to cut nice slices, and if there should be any cracks in the veal, fill them up with forcemeat.

At the top of the page, within the margin-rules, the annotator has written the year during which the events there related took place; and he has also paged the Preface.

If disturbed while dipping about in the margin shallows, he either sets off with a rapid whir to some other feeding-ground up or down the stream, or alights on some half-submerged rock or snag out in the current, and immediately begins to nod and courtesy like a wren, turning his head from side to side with many other odd dainty movements that never fail to fix the attention of the observer.

A giddy chick, to try her wings, On the well's narrow margin springs, And prone she drops.

Profits are never the same in all factories, and to those manufacturers that are on the margin competition may appear excessive.

We are told that the movements of modern industry necessitate the existence of a considerable margin supply of labour.

3. P. delicatula, n. sp. Cell cup-shaped, rounded, mouth at an angle of 45 degrees; margin dentate, with two lateral teeth of equal size and a central one in front longer, all acute; entire posteriorly.

The deep booming notes of the falls are in it, the trills of rapids, the gurgling of margin eddies, the low whispering of level reaches, and the sweet tinkle of separate drops oozing from the ends of mosses and falling into tranquil pools.

He will see down the right-hand margin interpretations of the different colours which mark the different beds, beginning with the youngest (alluvium) atop, and going down through Carboniferous Limestone and Sandstone, Upper Silurian, Lower Silurian, Cambrian, and below them certain rocks marked of different shades of red, which signify rocks either altered by heat, or poured out of old volcanic vents.

21 Words to use with  margins