71 Words to use with meant

" But to this Porphyry would by no means consent, and the two philosophers proceeded to the amphitheatre together.

The impression which Natalie had received of the second wife of Mr. Santon's choice, though she would not bring herself to realize it, were by no means prepossessing.

These are not at that open defiance with their senses, with the former: they can endure to hearken to their information a little more patiently; but will by no means admit of their reports in the explanation of things; nor be prevailed on by probabilities, which would convince them that things are not brought about just after the same manner that they have decreed within themselves that they are.

Our loss, too, was by no means insignificant, as I hope you will believe, when you know the troops engaged.

A sudden acuteness of vision, or a chance thinning of the fog at that point, enabled him to see the man's face, and he recognized the French partisan, Charles Langlade, known also to the Indians as the Owl, who, with his wife, the Dove, had once held him in a captivity by no means unkind.

I could never rightly learn to whom this rude melody was addressed; for if anyone approached him near enough to overhear the words, he became at once silent; but there was a mournful and pathetic air running through the strain, that rendered it by no means unpleasing; though doubtless it owed much of its effect to the concomitant circumstances.

'Miching mallechothis means mischief;' and so it proved.

This band was organized for the special purpose of keeping the Cherokees in subjection, and although it is a notorious fact that the Cherokees in the neighborhood of Spring Place were peaceable and by no means refractory, the said band were kept there, and seldom made any excursion whatever out of the county of Murray.

I told you, I believe, in a former letter, that the people of Amiens were all aristocrates: they have, nevertheless, two extremely popular qualificationsI mean filth and incivility.

The design of this paper, in the New Monthly Magazine, is by no means novel; but the fine, cutting satirethe pleasant, lively banter on our vices and follieswhich pervades every page of the article, is a set-off to the political frenzy and the literary lumber of other Magazines of the month.

The present Mr. Plumer, of Allerton, Totness, a grandson of Richard Plumer of the South-Sea House, by no means acquiesces in the tradition here recorded as to his grandfather's origin.

Nothing would have come of this even at the best; but the Romans, who well knew that offensive was preferable to defensive protection, were by no means content to remainas Philip may have hopedspectators of the attack from the opposite shore.

"But he had brothers,I've heard him say," the stranger continued,with an anxiety in his tone that he could by no means conceal; "I believe he hadlet me seethree brothers and two sisters.

The ruin itself seemed to me, as I proceeded now to examine it minutely, to be a portion of the outer wall of some prodigious structure, it was so thick and substantially built; yet what it was doing in such a position I could by no means conjecture.

By its means sand-cracks or other fractures of the horn may be durably cemented up.

Even in the blankness of her stupefaction, Sylvia was aware of a rising note in his voice that was by no means dismay.

This by no means disposes of each particular situation with its special difficulties, but it does help to explain the general tendency among the women to be neglectful of meetings and to let their local go to pieces, which so distracts our friend.

If he (the child) be very hot, he should by no means drink; at least a good piece of bread, first to be eaten, will gain time to warm his drink blood hot, which then he may drink safely.

The following comedies are about the only ones presented regularly at the Comédie- Française: le Jeu de l'Amour et du Hasard, le Legs, les Fausses Confidences, and l'Épreuve; but this brief list by no means embraces all of his exquisite sketches of eighteenth century society.

master!" exclaimed Ananda, weeping bitterly, "and is all the work undone, and all by my fault and folly?" "That which is built on fraud and imposture can by no means endure," returned Buddha, "be it the very truth of Heaven.

In vain he demanded single combat with Fulk, or the ordeal by fire; Fulk, who had been bribed with an ox, insisted on the ordeal of water, so that he should by no means escape.

All the while I knew what I was going to say, and this was it: Scouts of the Elk Patrol, we present you with this testimonial (my sister said that was a good word to use) of our steamI mean esteem.

And the photographs so produced were by no means evanescent.

The "becoming" seems rather negative than positive; it is the lessening of evil, but is not itself the good; it is a noble discontent, but is by no means felicity.

But to say or think there are no such, because we conceive nothing of them, is no better an argument than if a blind man should be positive in it, that there was no such thing as sight and colours, because he had no manner of idea of any such thing, nor could by any means frame to himself any notions about seeing.

71 Words to use with  meant