49 Words to use with measures

(Golden measure books)

V. fix the time, mark the time; date, register, chronicle; measure time, beat time, mark time; bear date; synchronize watches.

Tape-measure murder, by Agatha Christie.

Wednesday.' Mr. Thrale's death was a very essential loss to Johnson[280], who, although he did not foresee all that afterwards happened, was sufficiently convinced that the comforts which Mr. Thrale's family afforded him, would now in a great measure cease.

Vol.1 including F. Sieber's Eight-measure vocalises.

Perhaps it was in a measure self-blame that inspired her frantic prayer, the feeling that the responsibility was hers, and therefore that she was a sharer of the guilt.

And as to the Conifers, or pine-like treesthe Dadoxylon, of which the pith goes by the name of Sternbergia, and the uncertain tree which furnishes in some coal-measures bushels of a seed connected with that of the yewwe may suppose that they would find no more difficulty in growing in swamps than the cypress, which forms so large a portion of the vegetation in the swamps of the Southern United States.

"Their lot may be solitary, baronet, and in some measure cheerless, but infinitely preferable to a marriage that may lead them astray from their duties, or give birth to a family which are to be turned on the world without any religion but formwithout any morals but truismsor without even a conscience which has not been seared by indulgence.

" "There were some letters which in a measure concern you, Jack."

Hence, let me drain in fullest measure Thy cup of pure Tyrolean wine!

With little population of its own, the Spanish authority almost extinct, and the colonial governments in a state of revolution, having no pretension to it, and sufficiently employed in their own concerns, it was in a great measure derelict, and the object of cupidity to every adventurer.

We cannot speak entire and unmixed truth, because utterance separates a part from the whole, and consequently in a measure distorts and exaggerates and does injustice to other truths.

"Jim Randolph, I have been giving Wall Street and its hell 'System' a dose of its own poison, a good full-measure dose.

But such a measure doubtless kept alive the memory of the deeds of the great conqueror, and renewed sentiments in the nation which in less than ten years afterward facilitated the usurpation of his nephew.

RUSSIAN DRESSING Measure 1/2 cup mayonnaise dressing, add 1/4 cup chili sauce 1 tablespoon pimiento cut in small pieces 1 tablespoon green pepper cut in small pieces and 1 tablespoon celery cut in small pieces, and mix thoroughly.

We are privileged more than any who have as yet lived on this planet in being able to foresee, and in some measure estimate, the results of our wealth of labour as it may be possibly extended over and through the unborn.

An ounce and a drachm Measure-glass.

The British colonists in America were in large measure self-governing.

Here he was at war with his former friends, and with a large section of the Conservative party,especially with ecclesiastical dignitaries, who saw in this measure hostility to the Church as well as a national sin.

Both the time and the tune are in great measure ad libitum]

Brown was no half-measure man; "whatsoever his hand found to do, he did it with his might."

I recollect being much amused with a dialogue between a late excellent relative of mine and his man, the chief manager of a farm which he had just taken, and, I suspect in a good measure manager of the farmer as well.

If there be too many pupils, justice cannot be done to them whatever the ability of the masters, adding that what ought to be the due proportion is in some measure matter of opinion, but that an extreme must be obvious to all.

The distance the N.W. wind has to travel to this country, and the opposition it meets with from those mountains, in a great measure meliorates and destroys those penetrating qualities, which make this wind so formidable to the Atlantic States.

This results, doubtless, from their dependence upon the traders for articles, in a measure necessaries, which are for the most part furnished without competition, and of the proper value of which the Indians are ignorant.

49 Words to use with  measures