91 Words to use with meeting

One Sunday, when I was some ten or eleven years old, when the old people were gone to meeting (and they had to go eight miles to find a meeting house), I, with an older brother, tired of lying around the house, concluded to take a stroll along up the brook.

"Ugh!" she said, in a half-whisper, "I can imagine it the meeting-place of 'Tam o' Shanter's' eldritches seeing thisbut, all the same, do you know it is fascinating beyond words to me?

or "the meeting point of two highways," so characteristically described in the twelfth book of 'The Prelude'?

I met several pious persons in the meeting-room, and held converse with them to mutual comfort.

They were all so arrogantly indestructible, so fearfully permanentthey had no sympathy, no common meeting ground with him.

The object of the law was, not merely to enjoin tenderness towards brutes, but to inculcate the duty of rewarding those who serve us, showing that they who labor for others, are entitled to what is just and equal in return; and if such care is enjoined, by God, not merely for the ample sustenance, but for the present enjoyment of a brute, what would be a meet return for the services of man?

This fear would always cast out the fear of man which ever brings death; and yet so weak am I, that after all these precious helps and comforting times, I tremble when the meeting-day comes again lest, I should fail in doing the Lord's will.

SELL, HENRY B. Prayer-meeting talks.

Town meeting country.

In front of us we can see over the heads of the crowd the Rostra at the farther end of the Forum, where an orator is perhaps addressing a crowd (contio) on some political question of the moment, and giving some occupation to the idlers in the throng; and to the right of the Rostra is the Comitium or assembling-place of the people, with the Curia, the ancient meeting-hall of the senate.

Faithfully and patiently had his young master trained his mind, until he fitted him to be a meet companion in the hunt.

" "Blessed are Thou, O most merciful God, who didst vouchsafe to espouse me to the heavenly Bridegroom in the waters of baptism, and hast imparted Thy body and blood as a new gift of espousal and the meet consummation of Thy love.

Nay, sirs, but let us bring this thing to pass; Then, taking counsel, choose meet brides for you.'

In meet array Sheathed in refulgent arms, a noble band Advance; great lords of high imperial blood, Early resolved to assert their royal race, And prove by glorious deeds their valour's growth Mature, ere yet the callow down has spread Its curling shade.

A writer in the "Philadelphia Press" relates the following incident in connection with a watch meeting service: "For the last half hour of the old and the first half hour of the new year the band played sacred melodies to the delight of not less than a thousand people assembled on the street.

Two great ganders meeting face to face hissed a challenge.

Meeting iron, or even iron at its best in the form of steel, in the same field, it easily vanquishes it at every point.

I might have been, for she is a splendid specimen of the human species; I would have been, if only for the sake of the meeting eyebrows and the Juno shoulders,but at a price she does not feel inclined to pay.

the meeting boughs, And, through the parted shade, disclos'd the Greeks, Th' important hour had pass'd, unheeded, by,

"Want to hear a camp-meeting song?

The jungle meeting pool.

Only within a few yearssince the buffalo disappearedhas this change been going on; so recently has it come that the old order and the new meet face to face.

Mrs. Mott was jubilant at the thought of the world's interest in this great question, and glad for an opportunity to cross the ocean and enjoy a little rest, and the pleasure of meeting friends who had worked in the same cause.

The shock of meeting glances is almost a physical thing.

He must not remain in The Corner unless he was prepared for Lord Nick again: and in a third meeting guns must be drawn.

91 Words to use with  meeting
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