8 Words to use with menu

He kept a menu book as well, that the same people might not have the same dishes too frequently.

When he picked up the menu card he understood why girls from the stores and offices used the place.

R56464, 22Dec49, Oliver Kamm (A) QUANTITY COOKERY, menu planning and cookery for large numbers, by Lenore Richards and Nola Treat.

This disposition is not remarkable only in affairs that may be supposed to require it, but extends to the minutest objects; and the same oeconomy which watches over the mass of a Frenchman's estate, guards with equal solicitude the menu property of a log of wood, or a hen's nest.

On Elsie's future menu pad, As they are Elsie's greatest fad.

With an extraordinary inconsequence she dwelt upon the fact that, always grandeven as a caterer, he had caused to be printed at the foot of the menu forms which he had instituted, the words: "A second helping of all or any of the above dishes will willingly be served if so desired."

A perplexing problem Requisites for a well arranged menu Suggestions for preparing bills of fare Table of food analyses Fifty-two weeks' breakfasts and dinners Average cost Analysis of various bills of fare Table topics.

Mrs M'Swat did the washing and a little scrubbing, also boiled the beef and baked the bread, which formed our unvaried menu week in and week out.

8 Words to use with  menu