38 Words to use with merry

There were companies every night, and drives and boating in the afternoons, and such merry-making as it was thought a lad of his years would enjoy.

Gee, ain't that an awful huge lot of money for one poor little merry-merry to be burdened with!

Phoebus is present: glad he is to sing a merry song; Now helps the work, now full of hope upon the harp doth play; The Sisters listen to the song that charms their toil away.

"Did he ever dine with you there amongst the lights and the merry-makers and the music?"

And he listened to Evadne's merry laugh as she pelted Hans with cherries while Gretchen dreamed of the Fatherland under the trees by the brook, and wondered whether after all the men who had made it their aim to stifle every natural inclination, had learned the true secret of living as well as these happy souls who laid their cares down at the feet of their Father, and gave their lives into Christ's keeping day by day.

The merry shipwreck.

The merry-thought may be removed by raising it a little from the neck, and then passing the knife beneath, and the delicate neck-bones are taken off the same way.

Now see if you can tell, my dear, What bird it is, that every year, Sings "Sweetsweetsweetvery merry cheer.

What have I lost, some of your good cheer, gay clothes, music, singing, dancing, kissing, merry-meetings, thalami lubentias, &c., is that it?

The cheers were given with a will, and Patty's equanimity being restored, she was her own merry self again, and they all laughed and chatted as only a lot of happy girls can.

~In the San Joaquin.~ Across the hills the screeching blue-jays fly In countless flocks, and as they hasten by The children look up from their merry play To watch them slowly, slowly fade away; And night steals up the corners of the sky.

WINTER When icicles hang by the wall And Dick the shepherd blows his nail, And Tom bears logs into the hall, And milk comes frozen home in pail, When blood is nipp'd, and ways be foul, Then nightly sings the staring owl, To-who; Tu-whit, to-who, a merry note, While greasy Joan doth keel the pot.

just frantic with delight; I think I can see them now, the merry madcaps!"

Dryden, laurel-crown'd and hoary, Proudly stood in all his glory; Pope, as if his claims to speak Rested on the ancient Greek; And that prince of merry-men, Laughing, quaffing, "rare old Ben," Whose quaint conceits, so gay, so wild, Have oft my heart from woe beguil'd, Shone like a meteor 'midst the throng, The envy of each son of song.

Hang up your bloody colours in the air, Up with your fights, and your nettings prepare; Your merry mates cheer, with a lusty bold spright.

He thought of the many merry meals he and Kate had had on this same kitchen table, but now it seemed a poor, cold thing to sit down and eat alone and in silence.

The merry milkmaids set up a joyous shout as the youth rode by; and many a bright eye followed his gallant figure till it disappeared.

This merry offer procured him the interest of the ladies, who, it is said, commemorate Sir Richard's bounty to this day, and once made a vigorous effort to procure a standing order of the corporation, that no man should ever be received as a candidate who did not offer himself on the same terms.

As he held his baby in his arms and listened to her gentle crowing and heard the merry prattle of his boy at play, he asked himself if he should ever see those children again, were he to go away.

Even his predictions of impending national ruin were delivered with numberless merry quips and twinkles.

When the gray mists rise from earth, And the round dews on each spray Glitter in the golden ray, And thy wild notes, sweet though high, Fill the wide cerulean, sky, Is there human heart or brain Can resist thy merry strain?

I could tell, if I would, some right merry tales, Of unslippered fairies that danced in the vales

The maids were wont to shower upon his head Their merry taunts, and oft from them he fled; For of their quips and jests he had more fear Than e'er he felt before a foeman's spear

Joseph Gales the younger had his boyish emulation of Roscius and Garrick, and performed "top parts" in a diversity of those sad comedies and merry tragedies which boys are apt to make, when they get into buskins.

Four merry wags were at the Blue Boar Inn; a butcher, a beggar, and two barefoot friars.

38 Words to use with  merry