27 Words to use with method

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goodness I have so much knowledge, as to affirm, with the utmost confidence, that he is better acquainted than any lord in this assembly with the present state of Europe; so that he is more able to judge by what methods tranquillity may be reestablished; and that he pursues the best methods with the utmost purity of intention, and the most incessant diligence and application.

" "And did you happen to notice, sir," asks Manuel, hopefully, "by what method animation was given to Adam?" "No, he was drying out in the sun when I first saw him, with Gabriel sitting at his feet, playing on a flageolet: and naturally I did not pay any particular attention to such foolishness.

To which we may add, that the method of reasoning which is founded in opinion, regards only that which is apparent; but the dialectic method endeavors to arrive at the one itself, always employing for this purpose steps of ascent, and at last beautifully ends in the nature of the good.

The methods hitherto proposed for propelling torpedoes have been by means of carbonic acid or other compressed gas carried by the torpedoes, and by means of electricity conveyed by a conductor leading from a controlling station to electrical apparatus carried by the torpedo.

M. Renan's method iswhilst of course not believing them, yet not supposing conscious fraudto treat these records as the description of natural, unsought visions on the part of people who meant no harm, but who believed what they wished to believe.

The attempt will be made to include all portions of the subject, so that the final results shall form a complete discussion of the constitution and conditions of the stars, as revealed by their spectra, so far as present scientific methods permit.

By this latter method pressure from inflammatory exudate is lessened, and the after-formation of pus, if unfortunate enough to occur, the more readily detected, and the less likely to spread upwards.

The abstract expression of this method runs: The contradiction is to be removed by thinking one of its members as manifold rather than as one.

A manufacturer able to keep his method secret, or to retain his advantages for a time, can afford to undertake experiments in his factory, but the farmer seldom can.

By such drastic methods space was cleared for the guns in the Belgian forts, and to the advancing besiegers no protection would be offered from the raking fire.

Such, then, being the object and end of all learning, it is to be considered in what manner and by what methods study is to be pursued, to secure the attainment of truth.

27 Words to use with  method