9 Words to use with midship

Q.Will not the resistance of a vessel in moving through the water be much less than that of a flat board of the area of the cross section? A.It will be very much less, as is manifest from the comparatively small area of paddle board, and the small area of the circle described by the screw, relatively with the area of the immersed midship section of the vessel.

As an instance of her sure-footedness and activity I may mention that I have seen her leap twice her own height from the stem of the midship boat, in endeavouring to seize fowls or meat that was hung on the mainstay, always alighting on the point she sprang from.

That's a melancholy sight to a man of feelin', Captain Cuffe, the object between the two midship-guns, on the starboard side of the main-deck, sir?" "You mean the prisoner?

He ran down from the bridge or rather he slid down the midship ladder, running toward the stern.

The four midship ponies, which were expected to be subject to the worst conditions, have had a much better time than their fellows.

Despite every effort of the will, he kept mentally reverting to the midships port stateroom containing the woman.

And so we drifted on, and the seas grew less with astonishing rapidity, so that, in a little, we stripped off the cover so far as the midship thwart; for the rest of the men were sorely in need of the fresh air, after so long a time below the canvas covering.

The section of the midship beam is 70 square decimeters, and that of the exhaust port is 4.

The steam enters the cylinder through the outer trunnions, or the trunnions adjacent to the ship's sides, and enters the condenser through the two midship trunnionsa short three ported valve being placed on the front of the cylinder to regulate the flow of steam to and from the cylinder in the proper manner.

9 Words to use with  midship