211 Words to use with minded

"You are a mind reader, Mr. Donnegan.

Mind reading is common with women.

Through homeopathy, too, Mrs. Eddy became convinced of the principle of mind healing, discovering that the more attenuated the drug, the more potent was its effects.

I got witnesses, mind ye!"

After that it was refreshing to find unromantic Mr. Phinuit lounging beside the captain's desk with crossed feet overhanging one corner of it and mind intent on the prosaic business of paring his fingernails.

It has always seemed to aim at extending and ordering the mind content of children.

Vincent, who had been for weeks wildly impatient to return to the field, was divided in mind nowby joy and despair.

I can't make up my mind wot to do.

With the utmost fidelity it reproduces and works out to its final consequences whatever the objective mind impresses upon it; and the facts of hypnotism show that ideas can be impressed on the subjective mind by the objective mind of another as well as by that of its own individuality.

"I come up to London for a 'olidaya change, mind youand I thought Peter and me was going to 'ave a good time.

Therefore I instantly arrived at the conclusion that the clean-shaven fellow who looked so much like a London barrister had some distinct and ulterior purpose in arousing within my mind suspicion of his host's sanity.

There are eager longings, lofty demands, magnificent plans, and promising outlooks in abundance, but a lack of power to endure, a lack of calmness and maturity; while the shackles against which the leading minds revolt still bind too firmly both the leaders and those to whom they speak.

"Not slavery, mind yer, but work.

Unless we have a care, manual training, when we have succeeded in getting it into the school, may become as mechanical and unprofitable as much of our mind training has been, and its moral value thus largely missed.

My mood of mind perceive.

MIND ACTIVITIES DOMINATED BY A CONSCIOUSNESS OF Power, Largeness, Freedom, Animation, Movement.

But one mystery at least was now plainthe mystery of my own mind picture.

It must be that the marvel of his mind doth hold some central truth which maketh all science cognate.

"I had that wish, noble Signore, butAnnina" "Seeing another, thy mind hath changed.

With those who are in love truly conjugial, conjunction of minds increases, and therewith friendship; but with those who are not they both decrease.

From his hands the unhappy Sheridan received the Holy Communion; his face, during that solemn rite,doubly solemn when it is performed in the chamber of death, 'expressed,' Smythe relates, 'the deepest awe' That phrase conveys to the mind impressions not easy to be defined, not soon to be forgotten.

Middle-age strips her of everythingthe admiration, the flattery, the shallow merrimentall the little things that her little mind longs forand other women take her place, in spite of her futile, pitiful efforts to remain young.

Mind explorers.

Under the influence of his mind things that are quite clear become confused and lose themselves in long vistas of statement and sub-statement and sub-sub-statement, and a plain tale is darkened until at the end nothing is left of what it originally was.

Talking of him to me one day, he said, 'It is wonderful, Sir, with how little real superiority of mind men can make an eminent figure in publick life.'

211 Words to use with  minded