22 Words to use with morality

The next step in the development of the drama is known as the Morality play.

"I will not here," says he, "so far debase myself as to enlarge the ignominious list of those writers who devote their abilities to justify by policy what morality condemns.

Fifthly, In being the ordinary and prescribed Method of making Morality effectual to Salvation.

In proportion as we strengthen and expand this principle, and bring our affections and subordinate, but perhaps more powerful motives of action into harmony with it, it will not admit of a doubt that we advance to the goal of perfection, and answer the ends of our creation, those ends which not only morality enjoins, but which religion sanctions.

As for those characters and marks of distinction which religion, law, and morality fix upon both, they are only significant and valid when their authority is able to command obedience and submission; but when the greatness, numbers, or interest of those who are concerned outgrows that, they change their natures, and that which was injury before becomes justice, and justice injury.

Let us look a little more closely at the matter, for the difficulty of explaining morality forms one of the greatest obstacles to the acceptance of the Darwinian account of the descent of man.

Such divine foolishness, let discretion warn, or morality frown, or society play the censorious hypocrite, "were wisdom in the scorn of consequence.

To this equation of truth and morality happiness is added as a third identical member.

My people keep straight much longer since I hit upon the morality idea.

Public affairs ought to be so conducted that a settled conviction shall pervade the entire Union that nothing short of the highest tone and standard of public morality marks every part of the administration and legislation of the General Government.

STOOL OF REPENTANCE, in Scotland in former times an elevated seat in a church on which for offences against morality people did penance and suffered rebuke.

When Saint X's morality police should see him leaving the grounds with her, they would be silenced as to this particular occurrence at least.

Incompetent writers of fiction today often adopt the Morality principle in making their characters unnaturally good or bad, mere puppets who do not develop along the line of their own emotional prompting, but are moved by machinery in the author's hands.

Not zeal for morality prompts these indictments, but fear that the community may have to support illegitimate children.

To some of them has been given a part which severe morality reproves.

For to make morality rest on theism is really to reduce morality to egoism; although the English, it is true, as also the lowest classes of society with us, do not perceive the possibility of any other foundation for it.

Other virtues feudal morality shares in common with other systems of ethics, with other classes of people, but this virtuehomage and fealty to a superioris its distinctive feature.

It is in this that the height and depth of His morality stand revealed.

" Octavia says, from a morality standard, she does not see there is the least difference to our lovers in England and France, but I do, because here they have the comforting sense of the law finding it all right.

Traditional morality assists not, but hinders us here.

"But morality sticks in short sayings better than in long speeches and sermons.

I could have made the terms of it even more alluring, but the signorina, with that extraordinarily distorted morality distinctive of her sex, refused to swear to anything literally untrue in a letter which was itself from beginning to end a monumental falsehood; though not a student of ethics, she was keenly alive to the distinction between the expressio falsi and the suppressio veri.

22 Words to use with  morality