13 Words to use with mosquito

Then he arranged the mosquito-curtains of his bed, and laid himself down upon it.

Bruce exclaimed, "wouldn't it be great to take packs, rifles and mosquito-bar netting and go hunting that fellow in that Northern wilderness?

"Hayle, if I can sum it up aright, is just the same as ever," he said as he arranged the mosquito-netting of his bed.

It didn't cause any more damage than a mosquito bite.

In the late afternoon the piums were rather bad at this camp, but we had gloves and head-nets, and were not bothered; and although there were some mosquitoes we slept well under our mosquito-nets.

"With the dusk came the great opportunity of the mosquito craft and both sides made use of it to the full.

Mosquitoes art the pest of the island.

To which he might have added, had he seen fit to do so, the instance of a slave who perished in the sea swamps, where he was left bound and naked, a prey to the torture inflicted upon him by the venomous mosquito swarms.

We do not think the mosquito image new,if we remember, the editor of the Bungtown Copperhead uses it weekly against "our pitiful contemporary,"though the notion of a mosquito-bite inflicted by a laugh is original with Mr. Choate, unless Lord Castlereagh may have used it before.

The mosquitoes exist for themselves, and were created for the enjoyment of their own mosquito-life.

Babykins was exerting her mosquito propensities and stinging every one all round.

The human voice supplies the libretto, while the accompaniment is provided by a syncopated and tympanum-piercing ping-ping, suggestive of a giant mosquito singing to its young.

Without wishing to bore my readers with another long mosquito story, I think the following may be interesting.

13 Words to use with  mosquito