120 Words to use with mournings

The pale schoolmistress, in her mourning dress, was looking at me, as I noticed, with a wild sort of expression.

Ancient mourning observances.

On the present occasion, the appearance of this dress was most striking in my eyes, for it was a real mourning garment.

In the cemetery, near the grave, Mathieu felt surprised on being approached by an old lady who alighted from one of the mourning-coaches.

still at your book? Ever in mourning weeds?

I bid thee to my mystic Feast, Each one thou lovest is gathered there; Yet put thou on a mourning robe, And bind the cypress in thy hair.

[-12-] She accordingly prepared a luxurious apartment and costly couch, and adorned herself further in a kind of careless fashion,for her mourning garb mightily became her,and seated herself upon the couch; beside her she had placed many images of his father, of all sorts, and in her bosom she had put all the letters that his father had sent her.

Mourning ceremonies.

We must say, however, we would prefer to see our mourning friends go the whole figure, and not visit the opera in weeds.

" Then he tenderly gazed at her, so charming, so pink and white in her black mourning gown.

Just as the mesa twilights have their vocal note in the love call of the burrowing owl, so the desert spring is voiced by the mourning doves.

" When she reappeared, the heavy mourning-veil was drawn down, and Olympia, with a reassured glance, opened the door.

Her mother sang the mourning song, sometimes with others, and often saying, "My daughter, my daughter, why did you die?" and similar words.

[Footnote 24: Since white was, as it is still, the mourning color.]

Joseph and Nicodemus were also in mourning attire, and wore black sleeves and wide sashes.

Beneath him recline two vast mourning figures, one of each sex.

Nevertheless, on that joyful day which restored her lost lover to her hopes again, even on that very day after the ceremony was over, Miss Milnerwith all the fears, the superstition of her sexfelt an excruciating shock when, looking on the ring Lord Elmwood had put upon her finger in haste, she perceived it was a mourning-ring. IV.Outcasts Alas!

They had anticipated some opposition to this measure from the boy, but he prepared himself in silence, and at the appointed hour was clad in the new mourning suit which Dorothy had wrought for him.

Courtesy would dictate that a mourning card should be used, and that visitors, in paying condoling visits, should be dressed in black, either silk or plain-coloured apparel.

I hear his moan of pain, "My father will not bear the galling chain; 100 "My tender father will his child forsake, "His mourning child, but soon her heart will break.

Acquaintances should leave cards with narrow mourning borders.

Her sword has left her keeping, Her prows forget the tide, And the Adriatic, weeping, Wails round his mourning bride.'

It was not a funeral, for there were no mourning-wreaths and no hearse; it was not a bridal procession, for the bridal paraphernalia and joyous music were wanting.

But though all were present to show respect to the deceased squire, the attention of every man and woman was fixed upon the slight, girlish figure standing by the side of the grave, her head bent, her great mournful eye fixed upon the coffin, her hands clenched tightly as they held together the thick mourning cloak.

The history of this calamitous visitation forms the subject of a meritorious poem by W. and M. Howitt, entitled the Desolation of Eyam, in which the piety of Mr. Mompesson, (who then held the living of Eyam,) his pastoral consolations to his mourning people, and the amiable character of his beautiful wife, who fell a victim to the plague,are narrated with true pathos.

120 Words to use with  mournings