8 Words to use with myths

De Sapientia Veterum is a fanciful attempt to show the deep meaning underlying ancient myths,a meaning which would have astonished the myth makers themselves.

The processes of myth-building among American tribes were much the same as elsewhere.

When you are older you will study about these ancient, make-believe beings, and the study will be called myth-ology, telling curious, interesting stories about the myths.

The myth-spirits of the North were more homely and domestic than those of the South, and had a broader humor and livelier fancies.

Downton is also one of the places of which that curious myth story "The Pent Cuckoo" is told.

We should expect to find the chief object in the Northern myth-world a tree.

The Positivism of Comte, like the old myth-worship, sets up for its deity human nature idealized, adorned with genius and virtue.

The new poetic myth-making that still showed the influence of an old habit of mind was apt to be rather self-conscious and diffident, ending in something resembling the pathetic fallacy.

8 Words to use with  myths