57 Words to use with neednt

And in the middle a pile of wood or other fuel was placed, which of old they kindled with tein-eigin i.e., forced-fire or need-fire.

Without being exactly the father of evil, Nan-nee-bo-zho is a spirit whose office it is to punish what is amiss.

You might have written in the margin of your play-book"Let there be a few rushes laid in the place where Back-winter shall tumble, for fear of 'raying his clothes:" or set down, "Enter Back-winter, with his boy bringing a brush after him, to take off the dust, if need require."

It is thus steadily carried to the tissues, as their needs demand, to supply them with material to be transformed into heat and energy.

Each woman must prepare so that when the nation's need arises, she can stand at salute and say, "Here is your servant, trained and ready.

And were they not, yet since that loving Lord Commanded us to love them for his sake, Even for his sake, and for his sacred word, Which in his last bequest he to us spake, We should them love, and with their needs partake; share their Knowing that, whatsoe'er to them we give, [needs.

The treasury I will open, and our troops Shall fight for thee, and I will gird my loins As they were girt for thy bold ancestors; And when thou art the chosen king, and I Thy warrior-chief, the world will be thy own; No other sovereign need attempt to reign.

In fact, the greater need man has of God, the more certain is it that God will help him in that need.

So the manufacture, which might have added greatly to the wealth of Trinidad, was given up, and the ladies of the island eat nought but French chocolate, costing, it is said, nearly four times as much as home made chocolate need cost.

Again: "eas-tern, full-y, pull-et, rill-et, scan-ty, nee-dy."Webster.

In a prose postscript to this book Wither tells us that the title, The Shepherd's Hunting, which he seems to feel needs explanation, is due to the stationer, or, as we should say now, to the publisher.

Verses of his own English tongue broke from time to time from the master's liprude rhymes that told how before the "need-fare," Death's stern "must-go," none can enough bethink him what is to be his doom for good or ill.

Ef we'se keepin' company wid Jesus we'se no call ter want de worl's invitashuns, an ef we'se hidden away in Christ's heart dere's no need fer us ter be frettin' about de little worriments of earth.

There is as little need gentlemen, in calling in the aid of a posse-comitatus for a sensible man to keep his household in order, as that a discreet trader should go whistling through the public markets, with the history of his operations.

Thine own need carefor seewater gushes from them even now.

This little possession is what I stood much in need ofa habitation among my native hills was what of all the world I desired; and if I had a little more money at command, I would just be as happy a man as I know of; but that is an article of which I am ever in want.

But you don't believe that iron and steel need help, you will tell them, don't you see, so that they will feel the necessity of giving you what you want for the South in order to gain your support for the iron and steel demands.

" Indeed, such hath the need hereof been ever apprehended, that we may observe, in cases of great importance, no other obligation hath been admitted for sufficient to bind the fidelity and constancy of the most credible persons; so that even the best men hardly could trust the best men without it.

The secession of the South, and the presence at Denver of a growing population, made the need imperative, and in 1862 Congress began the work.

You know, then, that those fellows have made friends with the hostile party?" "No need knowsee.

Nay, as thou wilt needs laugh, I will find thee a better jestGive me thy hand, or, rather, lend it me, for I but ask it in the way of friendship.

Nee male res cessit, subito si funere sponsam, Didatus magna dote, recondis humo.


, I had no nee-need of these ja-jaunts, for Gl-Gloster was s-safe enough.

Lorna Sinnet, for all his admiration of her, had established no claim upon his confidence, yet now, with this young girl, whom he had known but a few weeks, a new need developeda need to talk of himself!

57 Words to use with  neednt