33 Words to use with offs

Best increased by rooted off-sets.

"All the off-scourings of town and villageand look ye, they would" "Aye," said Beltane.

His thoughts must have gone back to the far-off days when the gallant young officer, fils de France, won his first military glory in Algiers, and thought the world was at his feet.

Emmanuel, too, had come from his far-off home to flush America's spiritual darkness with a new light.

But that of late years the gift has not been cultivated, has not, in fact, thrown out such natural off-shoots as gave grace and glory to some earlier social epochs, must be evident, it would seem, to any thoughtful observer.

h trenches and only two miles to Neuve Chapelle; and even as we stood there, from behind us, from a battery we had passed without seeing, came a crash and then the long spinning roar of something milling down aisles of air, and a far-off detonation from the direction of Neuve Chapelle.

That far-off ancestress of the middle-ages had, it would appear, handed down to her sons forever, with the clear cut profile, the philosophy which allows itself time to get through life unruffled.

"You won't get us to make galley-slaves of ourselves on the off-chance of selling.

Maxime bent over to press a kiss on the boy's forehead; and a chill struck to his heartthis very beauty disquieted him; his uneasiness grew in this chamber of madness, whence, it seemed to him, breathed a secret horror come from the far-off past.

Through the hundred sounds of joy, there comes a far-off piping.

Every day there was an advance, an advance that seemed to be supported by the English about Loos, and all the time we heard at intervals the far-off pounding of the artillery.

It is only necessary to place the off-railer (which, like all the lengths of rail of this system, forms but one piece with its sleepers and fish-plates) on the fixed line, adding a curve in the direction it is intended to go, and push the wagons on to the off-railer, when they will gradually leave the fixed line and pass on the new track.

And now I looked afar, and thought The sea a glad and glorious thing; And fancy to my bosom brought Wild dreams upon her wizard wing Her wing that stretched o'er spreading waves, And chased the far-off flashing ray, Or hovering deep in twilight caves, Caught the lone mermaid at her play.

" Racey pressed his off rein against his horse's neck.

In the off-season the thwarted passion of color possesses him; and upon the flagstones before Thornsen's Élite Restaurant, which constitutes his canvas, he will limn you a full-rigged ship in two colors, a portrait of the heavyweight champion in three, or, if financially encouraged, the Statue of Liberty in four.

I am really in hopes there is a slight current off-shore here; if anything, we actually open the highlands of Corsica by this promontory.

They say there’s no delay To get an off-sider For the old bullock dray.

If he did come, would he risk his life toIf he did risk his life, was it any use to try toHe craned his neck and looked up, blinked, shut his eyes, and lay back in the snow with a sound of far-off singing in his head.


"Except Marcos," she threw back over her shoulder towards the bed, with some far-off suggestion of anger still in her voice.

Then, without even a parting smooth to the hair, which the violent off-tearing of my cap must have roughened and disheveled, I go down-stairs and reënter the boudoir.

Sometimes of an evening Henry and Mike would think of those far-off times as they looked over the ferry-boat at the long lines of river lights, with their restless heaving reflections; and sometimes they could picture to themselves the green sloping banks of the virgin fields, and hear the priory bell calling to them out of the darkness.

But it would never occur to the Prussians not to ride their high horses with the freshest insolence for the far-off victory of Sedan; though on that very anniversary the star of their fate had turned scornful in the sky, and Von Kluck was in retreat from Paris.

For the first time since their far-off weeks together she let herself relive the brief adventure.


33 Words to use with  offs