28 Words to use with onions

Put in a pan with 12 anchovies, some onion juice and 1 tablespoonful of finely chopped parsley.

Skate may also be served with onion sauce, or parsley and butter.

Take all the leaves of the herbs from the stock,sweet basil, sweet marjoram, lemon thyme, winter savory, 2 or 3 bay-leaves, common thyme, a handful of parsley and green onions, and a large onion cut in four pieces, with a few blades of mace.

Tony Holiday was as far above him in his own eyes as the top of Mount Tom was high above the onion beds of the valley.

Slice and fry the onion in the butter till it is of a pale brown, and mix it gradually with the gravy made from the bones; boil for 1/4 hour, and strain into a basin; now put it back into the stewpan; flavour with walnut pickle or ketchup, pickled-onion liquor, or any store sauce that may be preferred.

He used to share onion pie with me whenever I partook of it, and he had haricot soup every day, into which I allowed him to boil the skins of all the sausages and the luscious bones of all the cutlets of which I happened to partake.

Cut one onion fine and fry in one tablespoon of drippings.

My French vocabulary happening to give out in the middle of a consultation about eggs and onion-soup, one of them came to my assistance and addressed me in German.

Soldier he is none, for he cannot distinguish between onion-seed and gunpowder; if he have worn it in his hollow tooth for the toothache and so come to the knowledge of it, that is all.

I don't remember what color onion husks would give; but we used onion husks, too.

We took it, and began our meal with peculiar satisfaction; but the first taste showed us an unmistakable onion flavor in our stew.

Take eight pounds of gravy beef, with five pints of water, a few sweet herbs, and an onion shred, with a little pepper and salt; when the strength of the meat is sufficiently extracted, strain off the soup, and add to it a bundle of asparagus, cut small, with a little chopped parsley and mint; the asparagus should be thoroughly done.

But he had tied an onion-stalk on himself.

SOUR SPATZEN Brown three tablespoons of flour with one tablespoon of sweet drippings, add a small onion finely chopped, then cover the spider and let the onion steam for a little while; do this over a low heat so there will be no danger of the union getting too brown; add vinegar and soup stock and two tablespoons of sugar.

When the jackal saw the man, he cut the onion stem and escaped the first of all.

Then from below, quite savory too, I scent the steam of onion stew.

Not that she ever won anything, for she was not lucky enough to have them come out in the order to win; they only came out here and there, singly: but it was sufficient to make old Anne Marie cross and ugly for a day or two, and injure the sale of the onion-basket.

But, banish, dear Mrs. Cook, I beseech you, the whole onion tribe.

He'll weed out the town till it'll look like grandpa's onion bedif the supply of rope don't give out!"

He was sympathetic about the onion blight, but I could see that his mind was occupied with other and perhaps equally saddening thoughts.

Every acre of the Connecticut, from the northernmost bridge that spans it in Vermont to its debouchment at Saybrook, might be made productive of as great a value as any onion-garden acre at Wethersfield.

She even insisted on his taking a basin of onion gruel before he went to bed, because she thought he had caught a chill.

Add the potato and milk mixture to the onion mixture.

The many porcelains exported to western Asia and Europe first influenced European ceramics (Delft), and then were imitated in Europe (Böttger); the early European porcelains long showed Chinese influence (the so-called onion pattern, blue on a white ground).

Their tongues were on gentle tiptoe too, although not so gentle but that he could hear them advising: one, a "good, stiff mustard plaster"; one, an "onion poultice"; another, a "Spanish blister"; while Aunt Nancy stopped short of nothing less than "old-fashioned bleeding.

28 Words to use with  onions