38 Words to use with operations

And may I draw the attention of those who are opposing non-co-operation that unless they find out a substitute they should either join the non-co-operation movement or prepare to face a disorganised subterranean upheaval whose effect no one can foresee and whose spread it would be impossible to check or regulate? III.

Spruce and rather jumpy he insisted on exhibiting his operation wound to me, paying heavy compliments to English skill in surgery; not, mark you, that he had any but the greatest contempt that all German doctors, too, profess for British medicine and surgery.

When mining operations commence on coal it will be specially valuable for steamers on the various rivers and greatly assist transportation facilities.

Part 10: Operation victory.

It gave one day to a discussion of non-co-operation resolution and voted for it with unparalleled enthusiasm.

Operation survival.

A second line provided the name of SE's resident operations officer on Ceres: "Sim Sala Bim."

IBM electric punched card accounting machines, principles of operation sorters types 82, 80, and 75.

This exercise will reveal what an exacting mental operation definition is and will prove how vague most of your thinking really is.

Mr. M'Queen however defended it, by saying, that it is doing the thing much quicker, as one operation effects what is otherwise done by two.

The colony has been in operation fat a little more than eleven years.

Before this railway got into full operation horses had begun to lose condition, and during the summer ammunition-column officers became very anxious about their horses.

Means long in operation importantPrisons awfully corruptingDeplorable condition of those released from jailEducation of the infant poorIts beneficial resultsCases of inviolable honestyAppeal of Mr. Serjeant BosanquetThe infant school an asylum from accident and a prevention of various evilsObstacles in the way of married persons obtaining employmentArguments for the plan of infant trainingPrevalence of profane

Will come Hongkong arrange with Commodore for general co-operation insurgents Manila if desired.

During these operations invitations are dispatched to the natives of the neighboring villages requesting their attendance at the ceremony.

"Operation iss required."

For a day or two after the operation lameness is intense.

Since the introduction of this perfected method of sterilisation cases of infection and erysipelas have entirely disappeared from the hospital, and post-operation mortality has been reduced to barely one quarter per cent.

The gospel of Non-co-operation addresses itself to the task of making the people strong and self-reliant.

THE FIRST BRITISH BATTERY IN ITALY On the 15th of August arrived an operation order indicating our targets in the first and second phases of the great Italian offensive, which had been long expected, and also the objectives of the Infantry.

Duplex operation permits of the sending of two messages over one wire in opposite directions at the same time; and quadruples, the simultaneous transmission of four messages, two going in each direction.

There grows up in time a kind of body of customary law governing the execution of peace operationsthe principles being peace-operation principles wholly and solelywhich law few dare to disobey, and which eventually obtains the sanction of official written regulations.

Five times we watched the same operation recommence ere the ten o'clock train decided to leave Paris.

Economy of operation requir

On the contrary, if the artist should chuse to represent his thigh as shot away by a cannon ball, and should exhibit the bleeding flesh and shattered bone of the stump, the picture would introduce into our minds ideas from a butcher's shop, or a surgeon's operation-room, and we should turn from it with disgust.

38 Words to use with  operations