50 Words to use with ore

Theories of ore deposit.

BRAY, JOHN LEIGHTON, joint author A text book of ore dressing.

This is so true that it maybe said without exaggeration that no one can intelligently discuss the questions that have been raised in regard to the origin and mode of formation of ore bodies without transversing and studying the great mining belt of our Western States and Territories.

Within this ore-growne Forrest there is found A duskie Caue[106], thrust lowe into the ground, So vgly darke, so dampie and

Ore-beds and smoke-stacks cover all the area some thirty miles long and sixteen miles wide, except that occupied by the miserable cottages (some of them mere hovels) of the laborers.

From the stamps the stamped ore is taken in small ore cars to the roasting furnaces, which are double bedded in design, one hearth being built immediately above the other.

Then there is Herr August Thyssen"King Thyssen"who owns coalmines, rolling mills, harbours, and docks throughout Germany, iron-ore mines in France, warehouses in Russia, and entrepôts in nearly every country from Brazil and Argentina to India.

My first pieces were a series on the socio-environmental impact of iron ore transportation in the village of remote Sanvordem, a problem that is otherwise very seldom noticed in distant Panaji, more so in the world of the English-language press.

He discovered some big boxes, that Hank was making for ore bins for the new mill, and as the ground was kind of damp from a thunder-shower they had that day, he spreads his blanket inside the box and goes to sleep; ore bins have to be smooth and dust tight, so it wasn't a bad shanty.

From this port the ore from the mines of central Sweden is shipped to all parts of the world and handled by Brown hoisting machinery, which is made in Cleveland, Ohiothe same that you see on the ore docks at South Chicago and at Cleveland, Buffalo, Ashtabula, and other points on the Great Lakes where iron ore and coal are handled.

Omni opportunitate profitebatur disciplinam, quam Jesus Christus ore et vita expressit, unice tranquillitatem dare menti.

Between ourselves, where I did go seemed to me deep enough in all conscience; there was an endless roaring and rattling, uncanny sounds of machinery, the rush of subterranean streams, sickening clouds of ore-dust continually rising, water dripping on all sides, and the miner's lamp gradually growing dimmer and dimmer.

As a cold nipping shadow Does ore eares of Corne, and leave 'em blasted, Put up your anger, what Ile do Ile do.

"Lastly the woman and Robert Stern being boath upon oath their wittnes was judged legall testimony ore evidence only som in the jury because Sternes first words upon his oath were, I saw these women and as I take it goody Seger was there though after that he sayd, I saw her there, I knew her

Quam sese ore ferens, quam forti pectore et armis, how bravely did he discourse, ride, sing, and dance, &c., and then she begins to loathe her husband, repugnans osculatur, to hate him and his filthy beard, his goatish complexion, as Doris said of Polyphemus, [6094]totus qui saniem, totus ut hircus olet, he is a rammy fulsome fellow, a goblin-faced fellow, he smells, he stinks, Et caepas simul alliumque ructat

They caught sight of the two figures on the ore heap simultaneously.

, et habent duos dentes in ore ita longos sicut apri.

By their ore-grow'th of some complextion[10] Oft breaking downe the pales and forts of reason Or by some habit, that too much ore-leauens The forme of plausiue manners, that these men Carrying I say the stamp of one defect Being Natures liuery, or Fortunes starre, His vertues els be they as pure as grace, As infinite as man may vndergoe, Shall in the generall censure take corruption From that particuler fault: the dram of eale[20]

In a word, it is so powerful a thing that it ravisheth the soul, regina sensuum, the queen of the senses, by sweet pleasure (which is a happy cure), and corporal tunes pacify our incorporeal soul, sine ore loquens, dominatum in animam exercet, and carries it beyond itself, helps, elevates, extends it.

Grais ingenium, Grais dedit ore rotundo Musa loqui, praeter laudem nullius avaris.

Te sterili functum cura, vocumque salebris Tuto eluctatum, spatiis sapientia dia Excipit aethereis, ars omnis plaudit amico, Linguarumque omni terra discordia concors Multiplici reducem circumsonat ore magistrum.

Uni ore omnes omnia

Per adagia quaedam nota, et in ore omnium pervulgata, ad Latinitatis perditae recuperationem revocare te institui.

The restitution of Alsace-Lorraine (the only formal claim advanced by the Entente in its war programme) has deprived Germany of the bulk of her iron-ore production.

"Goethe was with us," so writes Heinse to one of his friends; "a beautiful youth of twenty-five, full of genius and force from the crown of his head to the sole of his foot; a heart full of feeling, a spirit full of fire, who with eagle wings ruit immensus ore profundo."

50 Words to use with  ore