14 Words to use with organizations

Each of the leagues has an organization committee, whose meetings are attended by delegates from the different women's trades.

The schools and churches and hospitals and other organization work established in Manila were proof that all through the islands the everyday humdrum of missionary service was going forward, perhaps without haste, but surely without rest.

The total organization expenses for three years came to $400, less than three-tenths of one per cent for promotion expenses.

4.] [Footnote 8: No reference is made in what follows to fees payable but once for the incorporation of new companies or at times of increasing the capital stock of an old one, variously called taxes on corporate charters, license taxes, incorporation fees, organization fees, and charter fees.

Not only does the church work in a hundred ways through its regular organizations to advance the spiritual life of its members and the community, but once every year, organization fences are taken down and as a whole and united body, it marches forward to a great fair.

That existence, indeed, would find in the assertion of private individuality a serious danger; and tribal organization guards against this so efficiently that it is doubtless impossible, so long as there is no interruption from outside.

Why the Loggers Organized The condition of the logger previous to the period of organization beggars description.

[Fr.], tirailleur^, bashi-bazouk; [guerilla organization names: list], vietminh, vietcong; shining path; contras; huk, hukbalahap.

The loggers there had gone through the hell of the organization period and had felt the wrath of the lumber barons.

"The League as now constituted will be the prey of greed and intrigue; and the law of unanimity in the Council, which may offer a restraint, will be broken or render the organization powerless.

Though born in a southern clime, he was saturnine and cold when unexcited, and such temperaments rather gain their tone than lose their powers by stimulants under which men of feebler organizations sink.

In the establishment of a world organization universality of international representation in reaching an agreement seemed to me advisable, if not essential, provided the nations represented were democracies and not autocracies.

Labor organizations hitherto have been in their legal nature almost entirely private and voluntary.

Stencil the organization designation on the lower half of the middle width of canvas in the back wall.

14 Words to use with  organizations