9 Words to use with otter

And Iwould rather be taking the dogs for a run on the moors, in a short skirt and big boots; or up at four in the morning otter-hunting; or out with the hounds; orordigging in the garden, for that matter;than be the prettiest girl in London, and going to a State ball or the opera.

The California sea otter trade, 1784-1848.

His lordship was exceedingly sorry; it was the most unfortunate accident: but he had the most particular engagement that very afternoon, and must return early from the otter-hunt, and probably sail the next day for Wales.

A solitary sea otter skin hanging up in the fur company's store, at the end of the season, told us plainer than words that these animals, formerly so plentiful east of Kadiak Island, and along the coast of Cook's Inlet, were almost extinct.

While I was having tea in one of the barabaras I heard much shooting outside, which announced the return of a sea otter party that had been hunting for two months at Cape Douglas.

The colley was far up on the hill-side, and the otter-hound was still hunting the water, but the terriers never went out of Mary's sight.

And the otter-trappers found me, Before the break of day, With my dark hair blanched and whitened As the snow in which I lay.

The amount paid a native is $200 or more for each sea otter pelt.

Somewhere between them a hard-pressed otter hid.

9 Words to use with  otter