17 Words to use with parsons

" "I speak as disinterestedly as a parson preaches!

But the story of 'a parson-publican' was soon conveyed to the Archdeacon of the diocese, who at the next visitation endeavoured to find out the truth of the matter.

Cutbeard produces a parson with a bad cold, who can speak only in a whisper, to marry them; and when the parson coughs after the ceremony Morose demands back five shillings of the fee.

The Parsons turbine-engines have been used to propel torpedo-boats, fast yachts, and vessels built to carry passengers across the English Channel, and recently it has been reported that two new transatlantic Cunarders are to be equipped with them.

"What brings the parson hereaways in these times?" he asked.

Don't you stir, my good parson-keeper.

A parson onceand poorer he Than ever parson ought to be; Yet not so proud as some from College, Who fancy they alone have knowledge; Who only learn to dress and drink, And, strange to say, still seem to think That no real talent's to be found Except within their classic ground; Yet prove that Cam's nor Oxon's plains Can't furnish empty skulls with brains.

The lines on the Parsonage wall and written by the parson-poet were originally above the chimney inside.

Heathenism seethes in it, and something even more potent than a forty-parson power of virtue will be required to bring it to healthy consciousness and legitimate action.

And turkey tombs such honorable monuments, Shall piggs, Sir, that the Parsons self would envy, And dainty Ducks Ger.

'This day thou shalt be with Me in Paradise,'" said the commander, who was known as the parson skipper, dour, but ever on the watch for the first sign of repentance.

Now I have said that Psalm with parson verse and verse about for every sleeper we have laid to rest in churchyard mould for thirty years; and know it hath not twenty verses in it, all told, and this same verse is the clerk's verse and cometh tenth, and yet he calls it twenty-first.

"He did; but as he died two or three minutes after, it were of course no use to send for no parson whatsomever.

If you take a card that has been cut to a circular shape and cut the edges so that little wings will be made, then blow on this winged edge, the card will revolve with a buzz; the Parsons steam-turbine works in the same way.

The ragged, half-clad negroes of the sea-beacha parson-butler of sublimated respectability, a liveried lackey of rainbow and gold!

I think of the imbecilities in which the repressed instinct has sought its pitiful baffled release, of the adulation lavished on a parrot, a cat, a lap-dog; or of the emotional "religion," the parson-worship, on which every fool is clever enough to sharpen his wit.

But if some poor scholar, some parson chaff, will offer himself; some trencher chaplain, that will take it to the halves, thirds, or accepts of what he will give, he is welcome; be conformable, preach as he will have him, he likes him before a million of others; for the host is always best cheap: and then as Hierom said to Cromatius, patella dignum operculum, such a patron, such a clerk; the cure is well supplied, and all parties pleased.

17 Words to use with  parsons