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List of parts machines nos.

William H. Locke is the new president and part owner of the Philadelphia club.

<pb id='009.png' /> Three-part music.

But the captains took very great care of this, because Vasco da Gama, before going out to Lisbon, when conversing alone with the Jew Zacuto in the monastery, had received from him much information as to what he should do during his voyage, and especially recommendations of great watchfulness never to let the ships part company, because if they separated it would be the certain destruction of all of them.

Beyond a little part-singing at school she had no practical acquaintance with music; there had never been a piano at home.

Another scallawag had jammed my coat part way into my butes, and was pourin' water into 'em out from the wash-pitcher, and I am sorry to say it, evry darned Muskeeter was up to some mean trick, which would put to blush, even a member of the New Jarsey legislater.

It commences with the rudiments of music and a glossary of technical terms, to which is appended a good collection of part-songs, especially prepared for social and festival occasions.

List of parts machine number 99W130.

SEE Wollenhaupt, H. A. Three-part invention.

OATMEAL BLANCMANGE NO. 2.Take a pint of well-cooked oatmeal, add to it a pint of milk, part cream if obtainable.

Take 1 part of the flaked wheat or barley to 2 parts water.

The country gradually became more scrubby with grevillia, terminalia, bloodwood, and triodia; the soil very poor, and in some parts sand and gravel.

THE S. A. B. choir (soprano, alto and bass) a collection of easy three-part anthems and songs for young people's choir; edited by Ira B. Wilson.

As to the small account here, sir, in case you was to find yourself running at all short, that don't signify; because I am a part proprietor of this inn, and it could stand over.

Besides giving up all her colonies, Germany surrenders all her rights and claims on her possessions beyond the seas (Art. 119), and all the contracts and conventions in favour of German subjects for the construction and exploiting of public works, which will be considered as part payment of the reparations due.

R89954, 1Feb52, Charles M. Child (A) CHILDHOOD of Hiawatha, a 2 part cantata.

MICHIE'S DIGEST OF TENNESSEE REPORTS, with cumulative pocket part service.

R57072, 12Jan50, Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp. (PWH) PAY GRAVEL, a four part story, by Hugh Pendexter.

But Alison needed to be in Wisconsin taking care of her mother, and she needed a husband, not his part time attention.

The soil should consist of two parts loam and one part leaf-mould, and the situation should be dry and sunny.

The soil should consist of two parts loam and one part leaf-mould, and the situation should be dry and sunny.

When grown in pots the mould should consist of two parts turfy loam, one part peat, and a little sharp sand.

Upper parts olive-green, browner on the wings and tail, which have some yellowish edgings.

Upper parts warm brown, like ground cinnamon; brightest on the head, but a little greenish on the tail.

These four lines are from the old ballad of Fortune my foe, which will be found printed entire in the Bagford Ballads (Ed. J.W. Ebsworth, part iv.

323 Words to use with  part