196 Words to use with partings

As he stepped into the train a few minutes after, he looked back upon me and beckoned me for a parting word.

He bade them bind and take her First to the mountain's height, That she the doom might suffer Within her husband's sight; But all the lady answered, When she was brought to death, Were words of faith and loyalty Borne on her parting breath: "Behold, I die a Christian, And here repeat my vows Of faithfulness to yonder knight, My loved and lawful spouse.

They circled around us once more and gave us a few parting shots as they rode off, leaving behind them another dead Indian and a horse.

With him he learned something about an artist's methods, and received from him as a parting gift, various artist's materials that he had made industrious use of.

But I am none of those who Welcome the coming, speed the parting guest.

Tho' I lost thee, yet this thought would cheer me in my parting hour.

On some fond breast the parting soul relies, Some pious drops the closing eye requires; Even from the tomb the voice of Nature cries, Even in our ashes live their wonted fires.

Ye have taken my child and sent him to serve the state at the hazard of body and soul, without giving opportunity for a parting kiss, or a parting blessingye have used my flesh and blood as ye would use the wood of the arsenal, and sent it forth upon the sea as if it were the insensible metal of the balls ye throw against the infidel.

And yet I cannot conclude this sketch without taking a parting glance of this brilliant but unfortunate man.

After being present at another public meeting in Stavanger, and in a parting interview with the Friends of the town, he went with William Robinson direct to Kiel.

I thought of my poor mother, and of the excellent parting advice she gave me,but more particularly of the night-caps with strings, which she extracted such a solemn promise from me to wear carefully every night in all climates, and which, on the second evening of my sojourn in barracks, were so unceremoniously reduced to ashes in a noisy auto-da-.

The curfew tolls the knell of parting day, The lowing herd winds slowly o'er the lea, The ploughman homeward plods his weary way, And leaves the world to darkness and to me.

He left New York as one of the vessels of war, described in his romances of the sea, goes out of port, amidst the thunder of a parting salute from the big guns on the batteries.

She stood for a moment, radiant, while the chorus of many voices throbbed around herher face like an angel's for joy and lovea glorified vision in the parting rays of the evening sunthen her faint fluttering breath died in a Benedicite!

"Don't let them rob you," was Patsy's parting injunction.

When the two contestants had mounted their horses King Cais gave this parting instruction to his groom: "Do not let the reins hang too loosely in managing Dahir; if you see him flag, stand up in your stirrups, and press his flanks gently with your legs.

He returned his parting salutation and 'farewell'; but still he watched his retreating form, and thought he distinctly heard him utter the name 'Rodolph!'

I was fortunate in escaping the actual parting scene between Eveena and her family, and my own leave-taking was hurried.

He and Clive made a pilgrimage to Grey Friars; and the Colonel ran down to Newcome to give Mrs. Mason a parting benediction; went to all the boys' and girls' schools where his little protégés were, so as to be able to take the very latest account of the young folks to their parents in India; and thence proceeded to Brighton to pass a little time with good Miss Honeyman.

So when Contagion with mephitic breath And withered Famine urged the work of death; 435 Marseilles' good Bishop, London's generous Mayor, With food and faith, with medicine and with prayer, Raised the weak head and stayed the parting sigh,

In this she was unsuccessful; though he stopped and gazed back at the Hut, as if to take a parting look.

[Descends from his horse and seems to grieve with Chaoukeun.] Let our attendants delay awhile, till we have conferred the parting cup.

About half-way to Beereen, the Bey stopped at a marabet, a small square white house, with a dome roof, to pay his devotions to a great Marabout, or saint, and to ask his parting blessing on the expedition.

His parting address to the commissioners.

Thus, while the Sun sinks down to rest Far in the regions of the west, 10 Though to the vale no parting beam Be given, not one memorial gleam, A lingering light he fondly throws On the dear hills where first he rose.

196 Words to use with  partings
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