66 Words to use with passengers

The ordinary passenger train for Bologna was three and a half hours late.

The number of boats, sufficient for a craft of three times the tonnage; the capacity of the forec'stle with its eighteen bunks, enough for a passenger ship,what did it mean?

Over fourteen hundred men, women and children were on the passenger list and six hundred men in the Cunard uniform constituted the crew.

There were two folding chairs that could be used on occasion, and the back seat easily accommodated three, the "Autocrat" being a seven passenger car; but Patsy was perched in front beside Wampus, which was really the choicest seat of all, so there was ample room inside to "swing a cat," as the Major statedif anyone had cared to attempt such a feat.

But as the boat drew near the people saw that there was nothing to fearit was only the regular passenger boat.

And overburdened as the railways are with freight and ordinary passenger traffic, I am sure the general public will not fail to appreciate to the full a self-denial which leads patrons of private cars, Pullman and dining coaches to abandon their self-indulgence.

" He took up a yellow package of valueless obligations upon the top of which an old-fashioned locomotive from whose bell-shaped funnel the smoke poured in picturesque black clouds, dragging behind it a chain of funny little passenger coaches, drove furiously along beside a rushing river through fields rich with corn and wheat amid a border of dollar signs.

You see, the few passenger steamers still in use haven't been in dry dock for the longest time, and their hulls must be covered with barnacles, which cuts off considerable from their speed.

We observed the passenger-pigeon and some small fresh-water shells of the species of unios and anadontas.

In the goods engines the driving wheels are smaller than in the passenger engines, and are generally coupled together.

The laden jumper was a sight for a mountain packer or a steerage passenger agent or a street car magnate to see and enjoy most mightily.

You are not familiar with American shipping-laws which expressly permit the carrying of certain types of ammunition on passenger vessels, and you are, of course, quite ignorant as to what inspection of the vessel was made in New York, for you were in Germany at the time.

R57841 PM and LN passenger brake equipment.

Along the Embarcadero you may see craft of every rig under the sun from a Chinese junk to a Transpacific passenger liner.

"We have a passenger-license for the Kut Sang, although we have withdrawn her from the passenger-trade except in cases of emergency or delay of the regular ships.

This carriage may be at will turned into a goods wagon or a passenger carriage for sixteen persons, with seats back to back, or an ambulance wagon for eight wounded persons.

In 1896 South Carolina fixed a flat passenger rate of three and one-quarter cents per mile.

The passenger lines include boats to New York and Boston, New Orleans, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Grimsby, South American ports, Cuba, the Congo, East and South Africa and the far East.

Stephenson, who in 1825 constructed the first passenger railroad in England, and who established a locomotive factory in Newcastle in 1824.

The building of railroads from East to West, such as the Michigan Central and Southern lines, and the Lake Shore and Great Western, soon took away the passenger-business, and the propellers could carry freight at lower rates than those expensive side-wheel boats could pretend to do.

In seven days, in all kinds of weather and over city and country roads, the horse and buggy traveled 197 miles at a cost per passenger mile of 2-1/2 cents.

He paused"And as to that nightI parked my car a couple of blocks away and walked to the station through Jackson Street, intending to cut through the yards and approach the waiting room from the passenger platform.

In no department of trade is competition freer than in the Atlantic passenger service, and yet in no trade is there a stricter monopoly price.

PM AND LN PASSENGER BRAKE EQUIPMENT, instruction paper with examination questions, by International Correspondence Schools.

he exclaimed as the outlines of human forms began to appear in the other passenger seats.

66 Words to use with  passengers
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